10 Twitter accounts you’d be wise to follow

You may know exactly which route you’re going to walk to your 9 a.m. English class, when the Mrs. E’s dining hall closes (7:30 p.m.) and maybe even where you can do some late-night studying in a pinch (perhaps Anschutz Library, open 24 hours a day during the week).

But these days, you might not be getting the full KU experience if you’re not using social media.

There are some 28,000 students at KU, and there seem to be roughly that many accounts on Twitter related to the university.

If used wisely, Twitter can help you know what’s going on, minute-by-minute, on the KU campus in a way nothing else can. But you have to know which accounts to follow.

And that’s where we come in. Based on suggestions from readers — including many on Twitter — we’ve constructed a list of 10 KU-related Twitter accounts we recommend following.

There are many, many more, of course, but these are a good place to start:


Followers (as of late July): 26,075

What it’s about: This is the main official Twitter account for the university, and it has by far the most followers of any of the accounts listed here. KU has scores of other Twitter accounts for its various schools, departments, offices and other units, however. Go to connect.ku.edu, and you can find pages on Facebook, Twitter and other social-media sites for some 250 different KU entities.

Sample tweet: “Half of all Kansas doctors trained at #KU. #KUFacts” — July 22.


Followers: 3,187

What it’s about: KU Info is a university service that exists to answer whatever questions you might have about KU. Its account tweets out a KU fact each day, but even better, you can ask questions of the KU Info folks directly via Twitter.

Sample tweet: “KU had electric trolley service on and off campus 100 years ago. It cost 5 cents to ride, and was a part of campus transport for 23 years.” — April 22.


Followers: 2,394

What it’s about: Student Union Activities is a KU student board that puts on more than 200 student-oriented events every year, including movie screenings, concerts and more. The Twitter account will let you know what’s coming up.

Sample tweet: “Sample food from various countries at today’s Intl Film & Food Fest. Noon. FREE w KU ID, $5 General admission” — April 13.


Followers: 1,444.

What it’s about: The KU Libraries system’s account received more nominations than any of the 60 or so feeds our readers recommended. It tweets information about library hours, events and such, but we suspect it’s popular because of its winking-eye sense of humor. It responded to a May streaking incident in one library in characteristic fashion (see below).

Sample tweet: “Reward for identification of Anschutz streaker who escaped via getaway car @ 2:26 today. #kidding #butseriouslypeoplekeepyourclotheson” — May 14.


Followers: 7,330

What it’s about: The news feed from KU’s student newspaper, The University Daily Kansan, gives you a steady stream of student-oriented campus news.

Sample tweet: “Globe-trotting students experience culture shock after returning from study abroad: (story link)” — July 17.


Followers: 1,920

What it’s about: The feed for the site KUHistory.com sends out daily “this day in KU history” updates, giving you some perspective on what’s happened during the university’s nearly 150 years.

Sample tweet: “1873 – 23-year-old Flora Richardson delivers KU’s first valedictory address on her way to becoming the University’s first female graduate.” — June 11.

@KUBballCamping / @KU_BballCamping

Followers: 2,179 / 1,479

What it’s about: Several students recommended one or both of these accounts, but the difference between the two is confusing — fitting for Twitter, which can be bizarre sometimes. Both accounts tweet out updates about the practice of “camping” at Allen Fieldhouse for good seats at men’s basketball games, something you’ll want to get involved with if you’re a basketball fan. @KU_BBallCamping is labeled as the “official” account; @KUBballCamping makes it clear it is not official, but it has hundreds more followers. Go figure.

Sample tweet: “Because the University has closed, Camping has been suspended for Friday, February 22nd. Camping will resume Saturday, Feb 23 at 8am. #snow” — Feb. 21. (@KU_BballCamping)


Followers: 3,979

What it’s about: We’ll use this to represent the many accounts out there that don’t represent any particular person or entity — or perhaps represent a “fake” parody version of someone — but are nonetheless part of Twitter life for KU students. This one mostly “re-tweets” thoughts or complaints about life at KU from students, providing an interesting picture of what’s on students’ minds. Naturally, things can get a little PG-13 at times.

Sample tweet: “My professors are killing me…just post my grades already!” — May 18, retweeted message from @KatDaddy724.


Followers: 3,357

What it’s about: Well, this one kind of explains itself. It’s a simple, yet brilliant, idea: Real-time updates on where KU students can find some free food.

Sample tweet: “Free pizza in the Union!” — Feb 13.


Followers: 3,091

What it’s about: This is where you can find all of the Journal-World’s KU news, tweeted for your convenience. In our admittedly biased opinion, it’s a good follow if you want to know what’s happening on the hill. And, hey, it did get multiple nominations. And if you’re a KU sports fan, we also recommend @KUsports, which brings you Jayhawk updates from the Journal-World.

Sample tweet: “Help us out, Twitter. Which accounts do new KU freshmen need to follow?” — July 10.