Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fine production

August 23, 2013


To the editor:

I was recently pleased and impressed after watching a local “home-grown” theater production entitled “Chained.” The production was held on Aug. 10 at the Lawrence Arts Center and was written and directed by Rita Rials. What impressed me the most was the use of local talent to produce a play with such a strong message of help and hope. The scenes in the play portrayed real-life crisis in a dramatic and humorous way. Rita found the balance that kept the play from being overly “teachy” yet enabled the viewer to discover real answers to real-life problems. 

What appeared to be a sellout crowd laughed and emotionally interacted with the cast throughout the production.  Clearly, the message connected with the audience in a meaningful way. My hope is that Rita Rials and Life Restoration Ministries will continue to produce more opportunities for the public to connect with their timely messages.


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