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100 years ago: Witnesses testify against two men in North Lawrence murder

August 23, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 23, 1913:

  • "Horace and Walter Peterson who have been held for the murder of Dean Warren in North Lawrence on the night of August 9th had their preliminary hearing before Justice Clark this morning and owing to testimony brought out they were bound over to the District Court. Walter Peterson's bond was fixed at $4,000 and Horace's at $1,000, which they were unable to produce. There was some very convincing testimony during the trial by different witnesses who were in North Lawrence and with the defendants on the night of the murder. The State was unable to prove absolutely that these were the two murderers, but they were able to prove they were the only two men with or near Warren at the time of the shooting. Willie Hackley, one of the state's best witnesses, testified that Andy Cushinberry, George and Horace Peterson and himself were walking south on East Street when they met Dean Warren going north. Some words followed and Cushinberry and himself walked on down the road south. Dean Warren had started on north. George and Horace Peterson left them, Cushinberry and Hackley, and started after Warren. A few minutes later they heard shots, but this being a usual performance in North Lawrence they didn't take much notice of it."
  • "The mercury tumbled down the little tube last night and did not halt in its decline until the lowest temperature of the season had been recorded -- 62 above was the reading at 7 o'clock this morning, the coolest hour of the day. What a great change it was! Such a welcome as it was given by people who had suffered for weeks and weeks under a boiling sun. The relief is believed to be permanent. It may be that there will be warm days yet this month and in September, but the heat wave that has prevailed for so long is effectually broken now and the maximum temperature of the year will hardly be equalled again this season.... Yesterday was cool with a maximum temperature of 83 degrees, that figure being reached at 2 o'clock, a time of day when people had come to expect something like a 105, then look at their own thermometers and start a fuss with the weather man. But last night was better yet and when the weather man awoke this morning and looked at his instrument he located the mercury way down the glass.... The change brings great relief to humanity and to all living things. The heat and drouth caused much suffering and it is with much joy that the cooler weather is welcomed. Front porches, lawn swings and hammocks that have been serving as sleeping porches for several weeks were deserted last night and instead the sleepy contingent sought cover before the night had advanced very far. It was a great night for sleep and an opportunity for 'catching up.'"
  • "The second day of the great bargain day selling has not been as rapid as the first but it has been many a year since there has been such heavy Saturday selling as today.... This is the first attempt Lawrence has ever made to have bargain days. Some merchants like it so well that they desire to continue it as a regular feature but this will hardly be done. It is probable that other features will be procured and given publicity. The idea is to acquaint the purchasing public with the Lawrence stores. It is a fact that no town of its size in the west has such stores as Lawrence. There is a reason for this and the reason is that the large student body demands good stores. There is too much mail order business in Douglas county as it is but it is a fact that little of this is close to Lawrence. The people living in the distant parts of the county are not so familiar with the Lawrence stores."


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