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100 years ago: Young man killed by gunfire after North Lawrence beer party

August 11, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for August 11, 1913:

  • "Death was not an invited guest at a beer party given at Bismarck Grove on Saturday night, neither was he asked to participate in the game of craps which followed the drinking of the beer, but an argument resulted, there were guns produced, pistol shots rent the midnight air -- the Grim Reaper had been there, uninvited and unexpected he played his part. At 4 o'clock yesterday morning the evidences of his work were made known when the lifeless body of Dean Warren, 21 years in age, was found lying in a patch of weeds no the side of the road at the east limits of the city near Bismarck Grove. There was a bullet in his head, there was the little pool of blood on the ground; where death had struck him Dean Warren lay lifeless and quiet -- the victim of a murderer's aim.... Quiet and peaceful North Lawrence was the scene of lively activities on Sunday morning. The finding of the murdered young man, dead in the public highway where he must have lain for almost four hours, caused no small sensation. Officers arrived and began an unraveling of a mystery which thus far has defied solution. The discovery of the body recalled the beer party of the night before on the Union Pacific right-of-way near Bismarck Grove.... Yes, Dean Warren had been a guest at this party, and there were numerous other guests. The officers secured a portion of the guest list and within half an hour four of these were under custody, pending further investigation. The first statement of all of them was that they were unacquainted with the case, but nevertheless they are being held in the county jail.... O. J. Warren, father of the murdered man, stated yesterday morning that he believed the crap game was responsible for the death of his boy. The father is foreman of the Tough ranch and has been employed for several years in this position. The son made his home with his father and mother at the ranch house in the grove. 'I have often told Dean that I wished that he would stay away from these games and save his money,' said the father. 'They had them here every Saturday night and the boy would go in. I think that they robbed him of most of his money. Last night when he left he had $12 with him and I suspect that they took that away from him last night.' The elder Warren told of the keg party Saturday night, stating that he had gone over early in the evening and obtained a bucket of beer, which he had his wife drank at their home. He stated that his wife was not feeling well and that he bought the beer for her when he learned that there was to be a keg on tap. He told of paying 50 cents for the bucket of beer. The father says that his son was there, and that there was quite a crowd present and drinking."
  • "A case which attracted much attention this morning in police court was that of Mrs. Evans, who was arrested on a charge of conducting a house of ill fame at 452 Lake street in North Lawrence. The trial lasted all morning and a great many witnesses were called. All the evidence was in at noon, but Justice Clark postponed his decision until 4 o'clock this afternoon."
  • "Leonard Frank will not be assistant coach at Kansas University next fall. Mr. Frank has tendered his resignation here and has accepted a position as assistant coach of football and coach of track at the University of Minnesota, his alma mater. This action on the part of Mr. Frank was contained in a personal letter received here this morning and comes as very much of a surprise.... The offer from Minnesota carries with it a salary of $500 more than was paid at Kansas. This is some inducement to make the change, and in addition to this Mr. Frank will be at home and will not be obliged to discontinue completely his law practice during the school year."


Tyson Travis 4 years, 9 months ago

Crime reporting was certainly more melodramatic in 1913. I'll bet that 50¢ per bucket beer was really cold!

FlintlockRifle 4 years, 9 months ago

Miss Sarah, what a great find, can you follow up and see what the end results was from these two storys about N.L?? Please, pretty please, ha

bearded_gnome 4 years, 9 months ago

Sarah, I too would appreciate knowing how the two NL stories ended: house of Ill repute on Lake st., and the shooting death being investigated.

Sarah St. John 4 years, 9 months ago

Hi Flint, Gnome, everyone! I have a follow-up story on the NL murder lined up for the coming week or so -- but I haven't seen anything new on that particular "house of ill repute." I'll let you know if I do, though!

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