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Letter: Kobach questions

August 20, 2013


To the editor:

On receiving the American Civil Liberties Union letter demanding that he do something about the one-third of Kansans who have tried to register to vote under his new regime and have yet to have their registrations approved, Secretary of State Kris Kobach tried to duck the issue by refusing to answer questions from the press and accusing the ACLU of being a left-wing organization (Journal-World, Aug. 14).   

In hopes that this elected  officer will soon respond to questions from constituents, I have two:  1)  How can you justify denying the most precious right in a democracy to so many of my fellow Kansans when independent bodies assure us that voter fraud is rarer than confirmed UFO sightings? and, 2) when exactly did it become “left-wing” to fight for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?  


Liberty275 8 months ago

You should address your questions to the government. They are your problem.

"when exactly did it become “left-wing” to fight for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?"

Never. The left is as bad as the right when it comes to abusing The Constitution.


Richard Heckler 8 months ago

Ms Joey Sprague realizes this guy Kobach is about voter suppression is my speculation.

In other words a bit anti American.


Ken Lassman 8 months ago

Here's a link to the letter sent to Kobach, Schmidt, et al:

You can download a copy of the letter by clicking on a link at the bottom of the press release. Having read the complaint, I'm seeing that there's no way Kobach's strategy will work, i.e. of having a more restrictive requirement by the State of Kansas than is required by the Feds as outlined in the voting rights act. He actually IS holding up folks who have fulfilled voting registration requirements by renewing their driver's license, and requiring more proof of citizenship than the Feds require, which is specifically prohibited in the Arizona ruling.

If he pursues a separate-but-unequal strategy of requiring a different level of state registration, i.e. of allowing folks to vote in Federal elections but not state elections unless they have produced a birth certificate, etc., then we need to respond en masse with a recall election to throw the bum out.


Brock Masters 8 months ago

One of the participants in the suit acknowledge that they have both a birth certificate and passport but just feel they shouldn't have to show it.


Larry Sturm 8 months ago

Stupidity is fixing a problem that doesn't exist.


kansas45 8 months ago

You lost my interest at the word "regime".


Ken Lassman 8 months ago

Thank you, Joey. One third of registration applicants still pending? Sounds like the DMV is in charge, either that or it's a case of an unfunded mandate, something that the hard right is so keen to criticize. Any way you look at it, this "solution" to a problem that doesn't exist has become a much bigger problem than the original one--or was that the intent all along?


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