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100 years ago: By mayoral proclamation, businesses to close on afternoon of Aug. 21

August 19, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 19, 1913:

  • "Mayor's Proclamation: 'In view of the fact that the City of Lawrence will hold memorial services on Thursday, August 21st, 1913, being the fiftieth anniversary of the Lawrence Massacre to show respect and do honor to those who lost their lives on August 21st, 1863, I, E. U. Bond, Mayor of the City of Lawrence, do respectfully ask the banks and business houses of the city to show a proper appreciation of said event by closing their places of business from 2 o'clock p.m., to 4 o'clock p.m., of said date. I would also suggest to the business houses and citizens that their places of business and residences be properly decorated for the occasion. E. U. BOND, Mayor.'"
  • "August 21, 1913, marks the semi-centennial of the burning of the City of Lawrence by William Clark Quantrell and his followers. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week 50 years afterward, citizens of the Lawrence of today will pay tribute to the early settlers who came here and lost their lives on that day. The survivors of the massacre have been invited to be the guests of the city on this occasion and a large number of them have accepted the invitations and will be here.... They are widely scattered now and it is doubtful if as many as half of those yet living will be present on the anniversary. Many of them left Lawrence immediately after seeing their homes and property destroyed by flames and have never been back to the city since then.... Among the events of the day will be a decoration of the graves of the victims of the massacre. The committee has secured a list of 143 persons who fell on that day and most of the graves of these have been located and will be marked with flags and flowers on the morning of the twenty-first.... The principal event of the day will be the memorial in the afternoon at the Bowersock Theater, only about fifty yards from the site of the old Free State Hotel, which was burned by Quantrell and his men fifty years ago.... Perhaps one of the most interesting gatherings will be that one held on Wednesday night when the survivors will be asked to make short talks relating their experiences of the day. Much of the history of the raid has never been written and it should be an interesting tale that these old timers will tell on this occasion."
  • "'Duke' Scott was bound over to the district court this afternoon after a hearing before Justice J. B. Wilson. Scott was arrested a few weeks ago with a number of others charged with gambling in North Lawrence the night of the murder of Dean Warren. Scott was charged with running the crap game. The binding over of Scott adds another link in the already widely known case and is another stepping stone for the County Attorney in his endeavor to prosecute the offenders who have been disturbing North Lawrence for the past year with their night escapades and wild scenes.... Scott is the second man to be tried in connection with this case; the other man was Andy Burris who was charged with holding the keg party at the time and in connection with the crap game. Burris was found guilty of the offense and fined $500 and five months in jail together with the costs of the proceedings. There are four more that were arrested in the case and the county attorney has convicting evidence against all of them and he feels that there is not much doubt but that all will be convicted in the end. The two men who are being held charged with the murder of Warren were supposed to have had their preliminary hearing today but the case was postponed until the twenty-first owing to technical matters. Walter and Horace Peterson are the two men that are held for the murder and if these two are convicted the catch will have been complete."


weiser 4 years, 5 months ago

How can they hold court on the same day the Mayor wants to close up the town on 21st? Share your wisdom....Sarah

Sarah St. John 4 years, 5 months ago

Only banks and "business houses," and only from 2-4 p.m. I'm sure they could throw in a quick murder hearing! :-)

Tyson Travis 4 years, 5 months ago

They got one thing wrong in 1913, the Free State Hotel was burned by Sheriff Jones in the 1856 first Lawrence raid, its rebuilt successor was the Eldridge House, which Quantrill then burned again in 1863. The present Eldridge Hotel is the fourth hotel to stand on the site.

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