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Letter: Getting organized

April 22, 2013


To the editor:

I was so excited about the Big Event day created by Kansas University; I’m sure a lot of people were. I called as soon as I saw the number listed in the Journal-World and got on the list to have a visit from the students. Everything was well planned out and included a visit from “John” at least a week in advance to confirm what would be needed to complete my project.

Being my family’s genealogist, I have kept many records, pictures, oral histories and just about anything old for many years. But just like the old records, I am not as sharp as I used to be. When the students arrived, I was overjoyed with their kindness and thorough skills in organization and how quickly they put my mess in order. I will never forget all their efforts to make my life easier in storing these precious documents. Everything is divided, organized, labeled and stored in a manner I can go to any one of the boxes and find the family I am looking for and go forward.

I don’t remember names very well, but Scott and the girls did a fabulous job in making me a better keeper of the records. Scott’s name I remembered because that’s my neighbor’s son’s name. The girls are now my girls, and I hope I made you feel welcome in my home and the country music was OK.

Thank you from my heart.


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