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Letter: Arts support

April 18, 2013


To the editor:

“Who sows little, harvests little,” Chrétien de Troyes wrote at the outset of one of his Arthurian stories, at the same time that up from the wheat fields of his northern France rose, stone by stone, the towering cathedrals we admire today.

For the past month we have admired the beautiful and thoughtful works of art that artists had donated for auction to support the Lawrence Arts Center. During the auction Saturday night, we liked their work, placed our bids, contributed substantially to the gallery programs of the center, and took home original works of art.

As we emerged from the auction, there in the gallery where we saw just hours before the works of art to be auctioned was now a beautiful exhibition of works done by children in programs conducted by gifted teachers at the Arts Center.

The artists, teachers, and patrons of the arts in our part of The Wheat State have sown generously, and the thoughtful, expressive, and diverse works realized by our children now on view in the main gallery of the Lawrence Arts Center are the fruits of our community’s commitment to the arts.


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