FSHS swimmers break record in dual loss

Team results: SM East 99, Free State 87.

Free State results

200 medley relay: 2. Free State A (Lucy Sirimongkhon-Dyck, Kat LeFever, Courtney Caldwell, Sydney Sirimongkhon-Dyck) 1:52.87; 4. Free State B (Alexa Malik, Eliot Eckersley, Anna McCurdy, Linda Liu) 2:01.57; 6. Free State C (Bailey Watson, Riley Koch, Rosemary Black, Emma Norwood) 2:16.26.

200 freestyle: 1. Cierra Campbell 1:58.88; 2. Eliza Anderson 2:00.28; 6. Morgan Miller 2:09.12.

200 IM: 2. Lucy Sirimongkhon-Dyck 2:21.29; 3. Kate McCurdy 2:24.77; 4. Anna McCurdy 2:24.99.

50 freestyle: 1. Sydney Sirimongkhon-Dyck 25.10; 4. Alexa Malik 26.26; 15. Eliot Eckersley 28.34; 18. Rosemary Black 29.06; 19. Emma Norwood 29.15; 20. Chloe Riedemann 29.41; 23. Bailey Watson 29.88; 24. Erin Fisher 29.93; 25. Trust Marshall 30.16; 26. Trenna Soderling 30.34; 27. Riley Koch 30.45; 29. Ella Schoenen 31.74; 30. Nathalie Chow Yuen 32.27; 31. Ashley Powers 32.37; 32. Olya Helt 32.73; 33. Margaret Russell 33.99; 34. Sally Carttar 34.59; 35. Meranda Mundy 35.73; 36. Paige Soukup 35.92; 37. Emma Steimle 36.44; 38. Chelsea Kielman 38.10; 39. Aspen Brunner 38.20; 40. Bret Watson 38.37; 41. McKenzie Brungardt 39.23; 42. Nana Britwum 40.95.

1 meter diving: 1. Annie Soderberg 207.35; 2. Jacqueline Zaitz 189.85; 4. Haley Johnson 157.90.

100 butterfly: 3. Lucy Sirimongkhon-Dyck 1:05.69; 5. Kat LaFever 1:07.50; 6. Kate McCurdy 1:07.83.

100 freestyle: 1. Courtney Caldwell 51.24; 3. Sydney Sirimongkhon-Dyck 55.98; 8. Linda Liu 1:01.66; 14. Nathalie Chow Yuen 1:13.79; 15. Sally Carttar 1:19.00; 16. Paige Soukup 1:20.05; 17. Emma Steimle 1:20.56; 18. Nana Britwum 1:37.65.

500 freestyle: 1. Cierra Campbell 5:17.53; 5. Anna McCurdy 5:39.53; 6. Morgan Miller 5:41.73.

200 freestyle relay: 1. Free State A (Sydney Sirimongkhon-Dyck, Eliza Anderson, Cierra Campbell, Courtney Caldwell) 1:39.15; 5. Free State B (Kat LaFever, Linda Liu, Rosemary Black, Morgan Miller) 1:54.12; 6. Free State C (Trust Marshall, Olivia Loney, Bailey Watson, Emma Norwood) 2:00.00; 8. Free State D (Ella Schoenen, Riley Koch, Eliot Eckersley, Trenna Soderling) 2:02.17; Free State E (Nathalie Chow Yuen, Ashley Powers, Chole Riedemann, Margaret Russell) 2:07.80; Free State F (Paige Soukup, Sally Carttar, Emma Steimle, Olya Helt) 2:21.95; Free State G (Meranda Mundy, Nana Britwum, McKenzie Brungardt, Aspen Brunner) 2:37.35.

100 backstroke: 3. Eliza Anderson 1:03.32; 6. Alexa Malik 1:06.29; 8. Trust Marshall 1:15.00; 9. Chloe Riedermann 1:19.31; 10. Ella Schoenen 1:19.75; 11. Erin Fisher 1:21.24; 12. Ashley Powers 1:33.10; 13. Meranda Mundy 1:48.88.

100 breaststroke: 3. Kat LaFever 1:14.88; 7. Eliot Eckersley 1:17.95; 9. Trenna Soderling 1:21.95; 10. Riley Koch 1:23.33; 11. Margaret Russell 1:28.69; 12. Aspen Brunner 2:03.49.

400 freestyle relay: 1. Free State A (Cierra Campbell, Eliza Anderson, Lucy Sirimongkhon-Dyck, Courtney Caldwell) 3:41.65; 4. Free State B (Anna McCurdy, Linda Liu, Kate McCurdy, Alexa Malik) 4:05.52; 6. Free State C (Emma Norwood, Erin Fisher, Olivia Loney, Rosemary Black) 4:26.27.

When the final time went up on the scoreboard following the 200 free relay, Free State’s Eliza Anderson started screaming.

The sophomore was the only member of the four-person Firebirds’ relay team of Sydney Sirimongkhon-Dyck, Cierra Campbell and Courtney Caldwell who knew the exact time of the previous school record — the one Free State had just broken.

Once Anderson reacted to the time, the other three started celebrating as well, jumping up and down and yelling following their finish in 1:39.15.

“We’re all such good friends, and we’ve known each other for a really long time,” Campbell said. “It was just good being together. We all swam really fast, and we all knew what we wanted.”

The previous school-best of 1:39.80 was set in 2009 by Reilly Moore, Adrianne Black, Kayla Hedges and Heather Clark.

“I think we were in a good place in the season to get that,” Caldwell said. “We’ve been training really well.”

The relay record was just part of an encouraging day for Free State, which fell, 99-87, in Tuesday’s dual against three-time defending state champion Shawnee Mission East at Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Center.

The Firebirds actually led after five events and were tied following eight events before East pulled away late.

“Last year, it was a blowout,” Caldwell said of her team’s 112-64 loss to East in 2012. “I think today gave us a little confidence boost. I think we did really well.”

Caldwell tacked on a school record of her own in the 100 free, winning the event with a time of 51.24 seconds. That was 13-hundredths of a second better than the school record she set last season.

“I guess something just clicked,” Caldwell said. “I was just ready to go, and it just kind of happened.”

Campbell also knocked more than two seconds off her previous best this season in the 500 free, winning the event with a time of 5:17.53.

Free State coach Annette McDonald left pleased with many other individual performances.

That included her divers, who took three of the top four spots. Annie Soderberg was first with 207.35 points, while Jacqueline Zaitz was second (189.85) and Haley Johnson was fourth (157.90).

“They were poised,” McDonald said of her divers. “They did a fabulous job.”

Other winners for Free State included Campbell (200 free), Sydney Sirimongkhon-Dyck (50 free), and the 400 free relay team of Campbell, Anderson, Lucy Sirimongkhon-Dyck and Caldwell.

Sophomore Alexa Malik also had a productive day, posting a state-qualifying time in the 50 free (26.26 seconds) and a state-consideration mark in the 100 backstroke (1:06.29). Both times were season-bests.

McDonald said she knew it was a successful meet by the number of swimmers that came up to her to say they’d dropped a second or more off their times.

“This tells them where they are right now,” McDonald said. “Now, it’s, ‘Well, where do you want to be at the end of the season?’ And they know where they want to be.

“I’m really proud of what they’ve done so far.”

The Firebirds will host the Free State Invitational on Friday.