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Letter: Haskell arts

April 15, 2013


To the editor:

I found the Journal-World article “From artsy to artplace” (April 7) very interesting. I wish the Arts Center much success for all their efforts. That being said, I was disappointed to see no mention of Haskell Indian Nations University included in all these plans. Perhaps that will come later should this all come to fruition and a more formal county- or city-wide plan is developed. I hope so.

Perhaps it is not too late to point out Haskell’s rich art and cultural talents to the grant providers. May I refer you and the reader to the Journal-World’s own article on April 29, 2011. The article points out so many of Haskell’s rich contributions in art and culture. Where else in the United States are there more than 150 tribes in a community at one time, each with its own rich culture? Some of the beautiful regalia at their powwows and ceremonies are true masterpieces of craftsmanship, beadwork and imagination.

Many artists of various mediums have and probably still do walk the halls at Haskell. I haven’t even begun to mention the architecture on campus. The triumphant Haskell Stadium entrance arch is mentioned in a prominent art book. Twelve campus building are U.S. national historic landmarks. The bandstand is a historical icon. Oh yes, art and culture abound on that campus and can only help Lawrence going from just being artsy to a truly unique artplace for all the world to see.


benofthebull 12 months ago

The ljw doesn't care about Haskell Indian Nations University unless its students are getting arrested or there is a scandal at the university. The ljw very rarely takes any positive interests in HINU. The ljw didnt't care about the Abuse Conference on HINU campus sponsored by Vice President of the United States himself, Joe Biden, nor did the ljw care about an Empowerment Conference just last week on the HINU campus. Not a single mention of any of these events. Yet when a Haskell student was arrested for rape last year the ljw had multiple articles devoted to this. When a grade changing scandal hit HINU the ljw had many, many articles devoted to this, when an HINU student killed another drunk girl on a bicycle years ago, the ljw was all over it once again. There are very often plenty of articles about how ku alumni are out in the real world doing great things, yet there is almost never a mention of any Haskell alumni doing anything, yet there are plenty of Haskell alumni doing great things in and out of Indian country. Notice a recurring theme here of only negativity being covered at Haskell by the ljw? Since the city of Lawrence is seeking a grant for the arts, why would they even mention a bunch of "drunk, stupid Indians" in their grant proposal when they could just sweep them under the rug? Besides no non-Natives outside of Lawrence even know Haskell exists. It seems that the Lawrence community only cares for Natives when they are dressed in feathers dancing around a fire or perhaps in mugshots.


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