KU students elect Paola junior Marcus Tetwiler as student body president in upset

Kansas University students have selected Marcus Tetwiler, a Paola junior, as student body president.

The result of the election, conducted Wednesday and Thursday, was something of an upset. This is just the second time in the last 19 years that someone from a student coalition other than KUnited has won the presidency, according to the University Daily Kansan.

Tetwiler and vice-presidential running mate Emma Halling, a junior from Elkhart, Ind., earned 67.6 percent of the vote.

KUnited candidates Brandon Woodard, a senior from Topeka, and vice-presidential running mate Blaine Bengtson, a Salina junior, gained 32.4 percent of the student vote.

Tetwiler and Halling celebrated with other members of their coalition, Ad Astra, at a watch party at Saints Pub and Patio, 2329 Iowa St., as the results came in.

“I was completely surprised,” Halling said. “I cried. I was fully prepared to deal with us losing. We swept it. We now have a mandate to go get it done.”

Halling believed much of the surprise victory had to do with the student turnout. Twenty-five percent of students voted in this election, compared with just 8 percent last year.

“I think it was the kids who were just following it on Facebook from the dorm room,” Halling said. “They thought the ideas were compelling enough to go out and vote, and I think that it is incredibly significant.”

The ideas on Ad Astra’s 12-point platform included eliminating sales-tax charges on textbooks, parking ticket forgiveness for students after completing a parking quiz, repairs to the Watkins Health Center and Student Senate campaign reform.

Halling said the first order of business would be reducing Student Senate summer hours to help save money and to start lobbying the state to remove the sales tax on textbooks.

“It’s going to be a battle, but we are ready to work with it and see what we can negotiate,” she said. She also said the coalition hoped to make Student Senate more accessible.

“We want every one of those 20,000 students on campus to feel OK walking in to see us and making Senate work for them.”

All results are unofficial until reviewed by the KU elections commission

Here is a full list of Student Senate election winners, provided by the KU elections commission:

President/Vice President

Marcus Tetwiler/Emma Halling Ad Astra


Dat Hoang, KUnited

Zunwu Zhou, Ad Astra

Haider Sulaiman Tarar, Ad Astra


Kim Flanders, Ad Astra


Elle Ternes, Ad Astra

Morgan Said, Ad Astra

Evan Nichols, Ad Astra

Reid Hildenbrand, Ad Astra

Alex Montgomery, Ad Astra


Ashlie Koehn, Ad Astra

Logan Bayless, Ad Astra

School of Architecture, Urban Design and Planning

Patrick Reuter, Ad Astra

Angie Knoshaug, Ad Astra

School of Business

Garrett Marler, Ad Astra

Drew Harger, Ad Astra

School of Education

Christian Mata, KUnited

Frankie Zitnik, KUnited

School of Engineering

Qi Chen, Ad Astra

Katie Rowe, Ad Astra

Justin Ruffalo, Ad Astra


Seyool Oh, Independent

Pantaleon Florez III, Education, Ad Astra

Ryan Moulder, Engineering, KUnited

Leah Forsberg, Pharmacy, KUnited

Andy Kriegh, Education, KUnited

Gabrielle K. Fraulley, College of Liberal Arts Science, KUnited

Nicholas Trombold, Pharmacy, KUnited

School of Journalism & Mass Communications

Jack Esberg, Ad Astra

Kristina Maude, Ad Astra

School of Law

Mark Savoy, KUnited

Marissa Rittof, KUnited

School of Music

Katie Hoefer, KUnited

Blane Brungardt, KUnited

School of Pharmacy

Carolyn Magee, Ad Astra

Bill Wilson, KUnited

School of Social Welfare

Anthony Bradley, Ad Astra

Amber Vaughn Proctor, Ad Astra

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Freshman/Sophomore)

Madeline Dickerson, Ad Astra

John Lee, Ad Astra

Clinton Webb, Ad Astra

Adam Smith, Ad Astra

Clay Cosby, Ad Astra

Nathan Pearce, Ad Astra

Ashu Argwal, Ad Astra

Alex Kinkead, Ad Astra

Sara Anees, Ad Astra

Jasmine Estrada, Ad Astra

Marquise Paige, Ad Astra

Jeffery Durbin, Ad Astra

Hannah Reinhart, KUnited

Lauren Arney, KUnited

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Junior/Senior)

Hannah Sitz, Ad Astra

Natalie Scott, Ad Astra

Miranda Wagner, Ad Astra

Valerie Peterson, Ad Astra

Shelby Webb, Ad Astra

Justin Kelly, Ad Astra

Tyler Childress, Ad Astra

Megan Hymer, Ad Astra

Will Easley, Ad Astra

Beau Bisaillon, Ad Astra

Eric Hurtt, Ad Astra

Dante Mesa, Independent

Alek Joyce, KUnited

Thomas Plummer, KUnited