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Letter: AFP agenda

April 5, 2013


To the editor:

It was rather amusing to read in the March 27 Journal-World how the Americans for Prosperity representative claimed it was “disingenuous” when challenged by a school board member at a town hall meeting regarding AFP’s opposition to the Lawrence school district’s proposed bond. What’s truly disingenuous are the actions of AFP and their extremist political ideology.

One need only to look back to last year when AFP, with the help of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, supported a purge of moderate Republicans that didn’t fit their conservative ideology. Groups like AFP have long advocated a systematic defunding of public education and social service programs, as evidenced by the current AFP-supported actions of the state Legislature.

If the state Legislature had fulfilled its fiscal obligations to the state’s schools (secondary and post-secondary), the proposed bond may have been significantly smaller. Didn’t AFP also oppose the expansion of the Lawrence Public Library?

What AFP fails to understand is that Lawrence is a community and, as such, we support the well-being of this community, which includes the support of our schools, among other things. History has repeatedly demonstrated that an extremist ideology will fail. It’s just too bad that many Kansans will suffer until that time.


Richard Heckler 4 years, 11 months ago

The Koch funded ALEC and Americans for Prosperity are all about lower wages and corporate takeover of the most successful and efficient government programs. Successful government programs which have proven to be effective thus spell out big corporate profits backed by OUR tax dollars.

Tax dollar guaranteed profits sponsored by taxpayers. What more could corporate executives, and shareholders ask for? Talk about entitlements.

How about OUR tax dollars covering the cost of golden parachutes? Talk about entitlements.

How about OUR tax dollars going into rt wing, narrow minded, special interest campaign cookies jars that which are waging war on worker salaries and women? Talk about entitlements.

Americans for Prosperity and ALEC want OUR tax dollars in their bank accounts. Talk about entitlements.

The billionaire Walton children also support these type of entitlements and yes they want their share . Let's not kid ourselves.

Thomas Bryce Jr. 4 years, 11 months ago

Americans For Prosperity? WHOSE Prosperity? Their agenda shows it clearly. The Rich are Already Prosperous. But, THEY NEED More! Until they change Their agenda and ideology to include all Americans, it is Disingenuous of them to Call themselves "Americans for Prosperity". How about "Americans for the Prosperity of ALL Americans?"

Bill Getz 4 years, 11 months ago

These people are not merely "disingenuous" but downright stupid. They are sowing the seeds to destroy their own "free enterprise" ideology. Just as young people are leaving their churches in droves out of disgust for the excesses of the right-wing Xians, so are more citizens coming to believe that, if the delegated authorities are out only to protect a bunch of tax-dodgers like AFP, they must take things in their own hands with local levies, volunteerism, and other responsible ways to address needs the righties have left them by default. These idiots have spawned "the socialism of the willing," and guess what - It works!

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