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Creation of adult stem cell center at KU Med sent to Brownback for consideration

April 5, 2013


— The creation of an adult stem cell research and treatment center at Kansas University Medical Center requires only the signature of Gov. Sam Brownback, who has indicated he supports the venture.

The House and Senate on Friday sent the legislation to Brownback even though KU Med didn’t ask for the measure, and there is no funding in the proposal to start what would be called the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center.

The proposal was championed by abortion opponents who say that adult stem cell research has the potential to establish new cures and therapies.

The bill would prohibit the center from using embryonic stem cells or cells taken from aborted fetal tissue. Abortion opponents oppose human embryonic stem cell research because it involves the destruction of the embryo.

But opponents of the bill said the startup of a research center requires a lengthy planning process that brings experts together before approaching the Legislature.

“The Legislature has no business inserting itself into this sort of operation at the Medical Center,” said Sen. Laura Kelly, D-Topeka. “We have no qualifications to do this.”

Kelly also said the advisory board set up for the center would have too many political appointees.

Under the proposal, KU would appoint a director of the center who would be responsible for oversight of patient treatment and research. The center would require $1.1 million to renovate a lab and hire staff and $750,000 annually after that, according to a state fiscal note. But the funding has not been provided by the Legislature.

Supporters of the bill said KU could solicit grants, gifts and contributions.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years ago

Next session, they'll require the KU School of Engineering to establish an institute to develop a perpetual motion machine.

Paul R Getto 5 years ago

Or a machine to turn wine into blood. 31% Sam's Opus buddies might like that. Could alleviate the priest shortage.

yourworstnightmare 5 years ago

Doesn't matter if KU Med did not ask for his or that the legislature has no expertise in this.

All must bend to and obey ideology.

This soviet-style proclamation about science reminds one of the days of Lysenko and soviet directed Lamarckian ideology to counter what evolutionary biologists were finding. Evolutionary science was essentially banned and Lamarkian inheritance was supported by the soviet state because evolution ran counter to their communist ideology.

Larry Sturm 5 years ago

Mandating something for KU med center without funding is like telling somebody to buy a new house with no deown payment and no job is totally stupid.

Larry Sturm 5 years ago

Mandating something for KU med center without funding is like telling somebody to buy a new house with no down payment and no job is totally stupid.

question4u 5 years ago

"Supporters of the bill said KU could solicit grants, gifts and contributions."

Grants? Would these be grants from the National Science Foundation, the agency whose budget Tea Party Republicans want to slash?

Gifts? Are these legislators going to be the first in line to give, or are they expecting KU Medical Center to send a request to Santa Claus? Do they really think that KU Medical Center isn't already soliciting gifts everywhere it can?

Contributions? Where are the contributions going to come from? Not from the state of Kansas, obviously. So from where? God?

UneasyRider 5 years ago

Brownbacks "god", just like they funded the arts.

UneasyRider 5 years ago

Simple question. For someone to consider something, must they not have a functioning brain? Just reading from a Koch memo doesn't count.

Paul R Getto 5 years ago

More magical thinking masquerading as policy. Study fetal and adult cells. They are just DNA. Leave the zygotes alone and let science be, kind legislators. You were not elected for this unless you are theocrats.

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