Lawrence and Douglas County

Lawrence and Douglas county

Crime rate on KU’s Lawrence campus rises in 2012, with addition of DUI offenses

April 3, 2013


A report from campus police shows an increase in the crime rate on Kansas University's campus in 2012, but it's not because a lot more crimes occurred.

Last year, campus police handled 714 criminal offenses on campus, according to information released Wednesday by the KU Public Safety Office. That is up from 660 in 2011.

But the apparent increase is mostly a result of counting DUI offenses as criminal cases and an uptick in property damage reports. Violent crimes, such as robberies and sex offenses, remained equally low as in 2011, with three robberies and sex offenses. And while some types of property crimes saw an increase, most remained roughly steady.

Much of the increase came from the addition of 33 DUI offenses to the report. In past years, DUIs had been counted as traffic incidents and not included in the crime report, according to the KU Public Safety Office. Campus police update a 10-year record of criminal offenses each year, which generally shows a decrease in crime since 2002.

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Also in the report for 2012:

• Criminal damage complaints rose to 126 from 101 in 2011. Even so, there were fewer than most other years in the last decade.

• Police investigated three violent crimes, the same number as 2011, with two robberies and a sex offense. In 2013, two sex offenses have been reported, with one arrest.

• Drug offenses totaled 87, up from 80 in 2011 and 60 in 2010.

• Burglaries — both home and auto — rose to 66 from 60 in 2011 but there were fewer than earlier years, when they surpassed 150.

• Off-campus, KU police issued 62 citations to underage drinkers at local bars and restaurants as part of a grant-funded effort with other law enforcement agencies to curb the use of fake IDs. They issued 46 in 2011.


Mark Kostner 5 years, 1 month ago

This is cooking the books. Counting traffic tickets as criminal offenses is pushing it. If they're counting this fake ID stuff as part of their crime statistics, it's really cooking the books. If they're counting someone under 21 as a minor, this is fake crime. This wasn't even illegal when I went to KU. The age needs to go back to 18 like it was before. I can't believe this so called crime has gone on this long, like prohibition and the 55 mph speed limit before it.

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