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Letter: GOP values

April 2, 2013


To the editor:

Cal Thomas’ melodramatic screed (Journal-World, April 1) claims major media have whipped “the crowd” into accepting unthinkable values. These just happen to coincide with Republican Party principles on issues like abortion and gay rights. His vision collapses into a laughable future with politicians taking oaths on People magazine and traffic laws being disregarded. One of the examples he cites for our “moral, social and political anarchy” is the fall of Rome.

Cal’s greatest pleasure seems to be in righteous indignation bolstered by invention, extrapolation and anarchism — the stuff of fiction writing.

Cal claims there are immutable, universal laws that must be obeyed. Never mind that the history of philosophical and theological thought has been plagued with questions about universals. In claiming that “supreme law” is above the Supreme Court he replaces the rule of law with edict.  These edicts are somewhat ad hoc given the evolution of the Republican Party’s platform over time.

His choice of Rome as an example of moral decay is troubling. Gibbon cites many reasons for Rome’s collapse. I’d mention one major reason which was the collapse of the tax system. Roman taxes became a patronage system where the wealthy and powerful benefited with everyone else paying taxes. When the tax base collapsed and soldiers and governors couldn’t be paid, they joined forces with whichever warlord or tribe could pay them.

The Kansas Chamber of Commerce, Americans for Prosperity and the Brownback administration advocate a similar patronage tax policy.  That just might be the source of the public’s dissatisfaction with your Republican values, Cal.


Bill Getz 5 years ago

A good letter about a worthy but overdone target: Unsilent Cal. His stock photo looks tough, but I have seen him on a TV panel with his shoe-polish moustache and deferential manners. Reminds me of the old character actor Franklin Pangborn, who played the milquetoast roles in noir madcap movies.

Lynn Grant 5 years ago

Kathy, you took the words right out of my mouth!

jhawkinsf 5 years ago

That's RWAWLNFTPFAET for short. (pronounced just as it's spelled)

JohnBrown 5 years ago

Foe women, the Republican Platform boils down to: "Do as we say or we'll put you in jail".


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