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100 years ago: Police follow through on new order to shoot unleashed dogs

September 7, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 7, 1912:

  • "Many dogs, unmuzzled and running loose on the streets this morning, fell victims to the stern hand of the law. It has been decreed that dogs must either be muzzled or tied if they are to live for the next few weeks. The police department started out this morning to enforce the order and many dogs suffered as a result. There are still others that are running loose but this probably will serve as a warning and owners who wish to save their animals probably will comply with the order. Some of the owners of the dogs that were killed this morning were very indignant over the action of the police and it is stated that one of them threatened to do the officer bodily violence for killing his pet."
  • "'Feeling fine,' said Chancellor Strong today after his return from Estes Park, Colorado, where he has been spending the summer with his family. Each year Dr. Strong spends several weeks at his summer cottage resting up from the year before and getting in shape for the year to come at Kansas University."
  • "Two Lawrence boys, sons of highly respected families of Lawrence, appeared in police court this morning charged with lewd and indecent conduct. The boys pleaded not guilty. The girl in the case is a stranger in Lawrence. She came here some weeks ago with another man and woman and has been staying here since. Shortly after midnight last night she and the two boys were arrested by the police and the charges preferred against them."
  • "The biggest watermelon that has been seen in the Journal-World office this year was the one brought in today. It was 27 1/2 inches in length and 40 inches in circumference and weight 74 1/2 pounds. The weighing was done by Dennis Lawrence on the S. B. Lawrence scales.... L. J. Meade bought the beauty for $1.50."


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