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100 years ago: New wheat turning out above-average flour

September 5, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 5, 1912:

  • "The new wheat is turning out much better than usual in the laboratory at the Bowersock mill this year. The grain and color of the flour are both above the average and the bread that is made with the 'new wheat' is of a superior quality. The chemist at the mill makes bread about every three hours, using samples of flour before it is sacked. He is thus enabled to tell the kind of flour that the mill is turning out. Ordinarily, at this time of the year, the old wheat is in much greater demand and sells for about ten cents a sack more than the new wheat. This is usually true until about the fifteenth of September. This year, however, housewives have found the new wheat so much better than usual that in some places dealers have found it difficult to dispose of their old wheat flour."
  • "A stray dog ran amuck on the east side yesterday evening biting three boys, two men and two other dogs before a bullet from a policeman's revolver put an end to his invasion of that part of town. His head was sent to Topeka last night to be examined by Dr. S. A. Greenfield, bacteriologist, for the state board of health. It was feared that the animal was affected with rabies causing him to do this biting.... It appears that the dog had singled out bicycle riders as almost all of those that were bitten were riding wheels at the time.... This morning Mayor Bishop ordered that all dogs in the city must either be muzzled or tied up during the remainder of the summer to avoid further happenings of this nature. The police department has been instructed to kill all dogs found on the streets without muzzles after today."
  • "The City Council has at last disposed of the motorcycle ordinance and it is now illegal for owners of motor bikes to carry passengers on their machines in front of themselves. That is, the ban has been put on tank riding in Lawrence.... The ordinance makes it unlawful to carry any passenger on the machine in front of the driver other than a child not to exceed 12 years of age.... Under the ordinance it will be permissible to carry a passenger on the rear seat behind the driver but not in front of him."


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