KU Endowment distributes a record $119 million in support for university

Kansas University Endowment distributed a record amount of support to KU during the 2012 fiscal year, it announced Thursday.

The endowment provided $119.3 million in support during the fiscal year, which ended June 30. The total was 6 percent more than the $112.3 million distributed during the 2011 fiscal year, and it surpassed the previous record of $115.1 million during fiscal 2010.

Funds from the endowment support programs, students, faculty and facilities at all of KU’s campuses, as well as patient care at the KU Hospital.

Dale Seuferling, president of the endowment, said Thursday that the support total may vary from year to year based on the projects undertaken at KU at different times.


Financial support provided by KU Endowment to KU during the past five fiscal years:

Fiscal 2008: $112.1 million

Fiscal 2009: $105.4 million

Fiscal 2010: $115.1 million

Fiscal 2011: $112.3 million

Fiscal 2012: $119.3 million

“What’s important is the overall continuing growth over a period of years,” Seuferling said.

Over the past five years, the endowment’s annual support has increased from $112.1 million in fiscal 2008. The lowest total during the five-year period was $105.4 million in 2009.

Determining how much support went to each KU campus is difficult, Seuferling said.

“A lot of our research work crosses campuses,” Seuferling said.

But the endowment does break down the support during fiscal 2012 into four categories:

• Program support totaled $39.1 million. That includes support of research activities, conferences, lectures and performing-arts events.

• Support to the faculty was $35.3 million, which helped pay for compensation for distinguished professors as well as teaching awards and recruitment of new faculty members.

• Student support added up to $30.2 million. That figure is primarily made up of support for scholarships, awards and fellowships, which provided assistance to more than 6,900 students.

• And $14.7 million went toward facilities and technology. That figure included some support for the new School of Engineering Measurement, Materials and Sustainable Environment Center, as well as various classroom renovations and other projects, Seuferling said.

The record amount of support from the endowment, Seuferling said, was made possible by the increasing private gifts being made by donors each year.

The endowment announced in September that those donations totaled more than $156 million in fiscal 2012, setting a record for the fifth straight year.

“KU Endowment is in a position to provide increasing support to the university at a time when finding additional resources, or receiving additional resources from other sources, is particularly challenging for the university,” Seuferling said.

The endowment is in the midst of its “Far Above” fundraising campaign, which runs through 2016 and aims to raise $1.2 billion for KU.