Chalk talk: Drawing at stadium warns against drinking, driving

Kansas University freshman Alex Stanley works on a sidewalk chalk drawing with a message against drinking and driving, Thursday outside Memorial Stadium.

Kansas University freshman Alex Stanley has a message for anyone who passes by the north side of Memorial Stadium before or after the KU football game Saturday.

It’s a familiar slogan from the Kansas Department of Transportation: “You drink. You drive. You lose.” But the medium is different: sidewalk chalk.

Stanley, a student in the School of the Arts majoring in art education, volunteered for a KDOT promotion designed to remind football fans on Saturday to be responsible. Thursday afternoon, she was much of the way through her design, which uses pictures to illustrate the slogan’s concepts: a mug filled with frothy beer for “drink,” a sleek sports car for “drive” and a giant thumbs-down signal for “lose.”

And the “you’s”? For two of them, Stanley filled in the letters with wide-open eyeballs to signify that “all eyes are on you” when you drink and drive; that is, you’ll get caught.

“I’m hoping this message can inspire my art and get it across that people need to be safe and smart,” Stanley said.

Stanley started the project Wednesday and planned to finish by 11 a.m. today. She said it was her first-ever public art project, and it was a blast to make.

“I love that it has a message,” Stanley said.