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Letter: Pointless lines

November 29, 2012


To the editor:

Leonard Pitts was right: It is destructive to set lowered goals for people by race (Journal-World, Nov. 25). But I was thinking what a pointless category “race” is.

Some African-American children come from poor backgrounds where they don’t have enough to eat and no stimulation in their environment. But President Obama says he doesn’t think his daughters should get special assistance. Latinos? Some come from poor homes and don’t know English when they enter school. Then there are, say, Jeb Bush’s children. Oriental? If you mean Chinese people who have been here several generations, you’d probably have to give them a higher goal, because they tend to do very well. On the other hand, new refugees from Burma, whose parents may not be literate in their own language, are also “oriental.”

Why would any logical person group all these varied people by such a meaningless category as “race”? Could you not look at where the person is starting from to set a different goal if needed?

Somewhat different, but a personal concern of mine, is the “disabled” category. Some people with disabilities do have a great deal of trouble learning, and some do not (think Stephen Hawking, anyone?). Could a lowered goal discourage school districts from making the extra effort to bring these students to their best accomplishment?


dinoman 5 years, 5 months ago

the intent of "race" is simply to do just that, provide a basis for comparison, a for a lack of a better word place to start defining a person. It is not intended to be the final say, but the base the average for comparison. It in no way should be limiting it should be liberating, it gives a person a place a since of history, a since of ownness. Im white,, that is to say a little bit German, Scott, Irish, and for a touch of interest Native American. Now to look at me you would possibly not know all this, but I do. If you take the political rehtoric out of your statement then you loose meaning in your article. Every person is allowed their own opinion but that does not mean you should put it in print. I mean look at it this way, and no offence intended, but for every "white " you have a redneck,,,, "hispanic" you have spic,,,,, "oriental" you have jap, or g k,,,,, "african American" dare i say the N word... Point is for every RACE there is an alternative slang. Again RACE is just a basis for comparison.. Nothing and everything more. I and my family are White, we adopted my sister "Korean" . My brother married a "half Mexican half Cajin, I married a full blooded "Native American". My sister "Korean" married an "Indian" from India..... soooo Im saying Race is a big part of me being an American... Now in no way do I mean any Offence to any Race... you or anybody with a little bit of education can come up or should be able to come up with Positive or Negitive examples to prove or disprove what Im saying.... thats the whole point of what Im saying...RACE is just a start... YOU make the finish... oh and after re-reading your article I should tell you that My youngest brother is disabled.... Autistic, OCD, and a few others thrown in,,,,,, and yes he was "forced" into the public school system... In my opinion "very bad result" and just for spice my late wife , Native American,,, helped formulate the Americans with Disabilities Act in Congress,,,, just to be come a disabled person herself... see she suffered from Diabetes, she died Blind... having seen most of this country and frowned upon people like you... she NEVER asked for any help. She had THREE college degrees, her mom had a Phd in Chemistry worked in the government for many years, her dad had a Phd in Geology and also worked in the government for many years. Yes if it were not for race giving them a hand up to get started OUR country would be minus about forty years worth of military service... Is that what you want...Is it REALLY what you want..... Race is Vital to our OWNNESS it makes us who we are and I for one am very proud of that.... I am American..

Abdu Omar 5 years, 5 months ago

But being an American is not a race as you defined above. Race is NOT important at all. I know many people from many so-called races and they are still Americans and should be respected for the content of their charcter and not their ethnic background or their religion, their language or their gender.

FlintlockRifle 5 years, 5 months ago

Like wise I live in AMERICA and I'M AN AMERICAN, PERIOD

funkdog1 5 years, 5 months ago

We don't say Oriental anymore. We say Asian.

dinoman 5 years, 5 months ago

Sorry, poor choice of words... Yes American is not a RACE per say... but as an American we are a meltingpot of Races.. and again we should be proud of where we came from and that by definition is RACE.. by not understanding that you are not understanding who you actually are.

parrothead8 5 years, 5 months ago

Where we come from is merely our nationality. It has nothing to do with our race.

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