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Letter: Election praise

November 13, 2012


To the editor:

To my knowledge the election process in Douglas County on Nov. 6 went extremely smoothly. Although I speak for myself, I’ve heard many others agree that Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew is a key factor to that success. The training he provided for first-time election workers was thorough and clear. He obviously has a passion for his job and is interested in continuous improvement. His emphasis on assuring that everyone has the opportunity to cast their ballot was backed up with specific procedures for election workers to follow. He helped us be prepared for all kinds of contingencies and provided contact information on multiple pages should troubleshooting on-site not solve a problem.

On Election Day, I worked for the first time with others who have worked elections before. Obviously the training they had received was excellent as well. They were knowledgeable of procedures, respectful of each other and all voters and poll watchers and a joy to work with. We each felt honored to be a part of this important process of our democracy.

Mr. Shew, of course, couldn’t have facilitated the success by himself. He leads a team of capable workers. Thank you to all of you.


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