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Chief justice cancels court furloughs

May 21, 2012


— Kansas courts will remain open through the rest of the 2012 fiscal year after legislators approved $1.1 million in supplemental funding to cover operating expenses.

Chief Justice Lawton Nuss issued a statement Monday saying that the remaining four days of furloughs would be canceled after legislators approved the budget Sunday. The bill still must be signed by Gov. Sam Brownback.

Nuss ordered five furlough days this spring after it was evident that the court system would be short funding because fewer fees were collected on civil court filings. The courts closed one day in April and were set to close Thursday and Friday and two days in June to conserve revenues.

The decision to keep the courts open affects about 1,590 judicial branch employees.


Steve Jacob 5 years, 6 months ago

If you ever have a choice between furlough or pay cut, take the furlough. They can always cancel the furlough, but will almost never get the pay cut back.

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