Letters to the Editor

Suicide focus

May 15, 2012


To the editor:

The seal of the City of Lawrence is a phoenix rising from the ashes and “from ashes to immortality.” Last week, we were home to another phoenix, RISE Phoenix, a national project to raise awareness of suicide and inspire hope for healing in those affected.

For most people, suicide is not a comfortable topic. However, last week, so many people joined in this important conversation by welcoming  RISE Phoenix: our city commissioners, local media (KLWN, Channel 6 news, Kansas Public Radio, KCPT and the Lawrence Journal-World/Wellcommons), the cycling community, Lawrence Police Department, Rick Renfro and the staff of Johnny’s in North Lawrence, Pastor Gary and Stephen Ministers of Trinity Lutheran Church.  

Headquarters Counseling Center and our Healing After Suicide support group applaud all who participated in this mission of suicide prevention, starting with Thomas Brown and Zak Chipps who are cycling from California to New York for RISE Phoenix. Like Thomas and Zak, many of those who joined in activities have lost loved ones to suicide. Others participated because of their own struggles with suicide, others in support. We thank you all.


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