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Bigger goals

May 6, 2012


To the editor:

The apparent difference that is causing a split in the Republican ranks in Kansas is easy enough to understand. The moderate Republican officeholders are interested in re-election. The extreme right wing, as exemplified by Mr. Brownback and Kobach, are motivated by dreams of gaining the Oval Office in the White House. They simply view this as an opportunity to gain national attention.

At least that is my opinion as to why Mr. Brownback gave up his safe seat in the U.S. Senate: because of the easier move to the office of the presidency. I firmly believe Mr. Brownback sees this job merely as a stepping stone to achieve his highest ambition: the office of the president of the United States of America.


grammaddy 3 years ago

You are absolutely right. I've been saying this all along. Scary!

Abdu Omar 3 years ago

I have never been a name-caller but this Brownback scares me to death. I am never sure who and what institution he is going to attack next. There is no reason he should be govenor of this great state except the politically ignorant voters out west.

Eileen Jones 3 years ago

A better translation:

As long as he uses the "God" word and keeps those agricultural handouts, er, subsidies, coming in, he's in like flint, in this state.

George_Braziller 3 years ago

In state-wide polling his approval rating is in the toilet at 34%. Even my family of hard-core Republicans in central Kansas regret voting for him.

By comparison, Nixon's approval rating was 24% when he resigned as President

Eileen Jones 3 years ago

Brownback is extreme. Extremely extreme. I guess the word for that is "radical".

Kendall Simmons 3 years ago

Like it or not, things don't happen in a vacuum. They don't happen without some sort of context.

But, of course, if you want to pretend that they do, then you can lie to yourself at will and get yourself all worked up by your own lies.

One thing about math? Math doesn't lie. It's the misuse by the humans doing the math that results in the lies.

Eileen Jones 3 years ago

This has been obvious from the beginning of the Brownback administration. Thank you, Mr. Hickam, for pointing it out.

Brownback has been doing the bidding of the Koch brothers. He's proving himself to them, and the people of Kansas are collateral damage in his political ambitions.

If you can find it, read the interview of Brownback in "God's Senator" in Rolling Stone from several years ago. It's still online. He describes how he had a revelation about his future and lit fire to his resume in the middle of the night. He's a scary C-Streeter.

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

I disagree with the letter writer. Kansas is not the only state with a governor like Brownback. The nationwide objective backed with big Koch,Wal-Mart,Amway bucks and ALEC is to buy up state government services to further increase their wealth. Yes they will still be paid with OUR TAX DOLLARS = guaranteed profits.

First of all Brownback and Kobach are not republicans. They are facist driven libertarians or maybe they are Nazi driven. Dictating is among their key responsibilities. And these same big Koch,Wal-Mart,Amway bucks and ALEC will be funding the replacement of republicans as has taken place in Washington D.C.

Sandy Praeger is a republican. My father in law is a fiscal conservative republican. Brownback.Kobach and such are NOT republicans.

Brownback is a reckless spending dude that is making enemies in Missouri. Sam is blowing OUR big time tax dollars to bribe companies to relocate from the KCMO metro into Wyandotte and Johnson county.

Missouri people are not willing to match the reckless spending of Brownback. Yet Missouri has a larger and wealthier tax base than does Kansas. Brownback is neither fiscal responsible nor fiscal conservative.

This reckless spending Sam is not creating NEW jobs. People will not be relocating to Kansas they will simply drive a different route to work. So when reckless spending Sam begins to boast of all the new jobs in Kansas it will be a lie. He will not tell we taxpayers how much he is spending.

Kendall Simmons 3 years ago

Just start an oil company or a corporate farm and you can get all the free money you want!! Cool, huh? I hear it comes with a ??? suit, too.

Cait McKnelly 3 years ago

The go out and start your own corporation, weiser. The bucks will start rolling in. You don't have to actually do anything. Just make up a name (preferably with God or Jesus in the title), file the paperwork to incorporate, fill out your state forms and watch the money appear.

usnsnp 3 years ago

Plain and simple, too many politcians like being on the government gravy train. All elected government positions should be term linited and if you run for a higher office you should have to resign from your present position.

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