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FINAL: KU pushes past Ohio State, 64-62, to advance to championship game

March 31, 2012


— The Kansas men's basketball team overcame a 13-point first-half deficit, rallying to beat Ohio State, 64-62, in the national semifinals on Saturday night at the Superdome in New Orleans.

KU fell behind, 34-25, at halftime before starting the second half on a 13-4 run to tie the game at 38.

The Jayhawks took its first lead in the second half on a pair of free throws by Releford to make it 56-55 with 2:48 left.

Ohio State answered with four straight points, but KU responded to take a 60-59 lead with 1:37 left on two more free throws from Releford.

A William Buford stickback dunk trimmed KU's lead to 62-61 with 9.6 seconds left.

Tyshawn Taylor followed with two free throws with eight seconds left. Ohio State's Aaron Craft made one free throw with two seconds left before committing a lane violation.

KU inbounded the ball and wasted the rest of the time to advance.

Thomas Robinson had 19 points, while Travis Releford added 15 and Elijah Johnson had 13.

Jeff Withey had seven blocks, which set a new Big 12 record of 135 in a season.

KU (32-6) will play Kentucky at 8:23 p.m. in the national championship game on Monday.

See Jesse Newell's blog on for post-game stats and analysis.


jshepard 2 years ago

Coach Cal has enough grease for any and ALL Jay Hawks to slip on or slip up. Cats by at least 13 or more over the greatly out manned Kansas team. Too bad 3rd rate team...good luck next year when we have a newer and eve better team! Go CATS!


bigdchi 2 years ago

I attended KU and graduated from OSU. I am loyal to both coaches. I am not a fan of Self or matta. They are very similar coaches. They are great recruiters, bad game managers and never seem to win the big game. One of these guys had to win and it was Self. Now go out and beat the Outlaw kentucky team. This place will soon be caught in a recruiting scandal.The Kentucky program is everything wrong with big time college sports. It has replaced Miami of the 80's and 90's as the slimiest school!! Go Hawks!!


naturalist 2 years ago

No words can say how much I love this team. Awesome win guys! Thanks coach!


jaywalker 2 years ago

I say Rock Chalk you say Jayhawk....

Rock Chalk!!!!!!!


jjinks 2 years ago

This is why I don't bet. "ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS". Thank you for a great season. One more to go.


Gregory Newman 2 years ago

I told you guys its the dribble drive by EJ and Releford that wins it. They have to do more of that. It frees up TT and opens up for lob city to T-Rob and Withey. Kentucky guards can't hold them if they take off and go they are too fast. Shoot those mid-range jumpers 7-14 feet they beat Kentucky by 10.


nugget 2 years ago

I'm waving my hand at Clark Kellog and his sickening biased color commentary. Clark, one of those fingers is for you.

Guess which one?


riverdrifter 2 years ago

Calipari assistant: "Great win for us, coach, but bad news." "Oh yeah, what's that?" "You're up against Bill Self."



Rae Hudspeth 2 years ago

Ohio State was an amazing surprise team.. let's see the boys kill ky. I loved putting KY vKU on my bracket.


Rick Aldrich 2 years ago

All the hype and attention by the media was on the kentucky game and almost none on the KU game.


tententen 2 years ago

You look at last years' "One Shinning Moment" and the closest thing you see to Crimson and Blue was at the 1:08 mark in the form of dejected Jayhawk faithful providing a back drop for the celebrating VCU players............ I can't remember a time when you couldn't watch that final tribute to the season and catch one final glimpse of a jayhawk in celebration or frustration.

This year will be a little different, won't it! AMAZING!!

Oh.......remember this?


LJ Whirled 2 years ago

Tyshawn .... still the best AND worst player on the team ... sometimes on the same play!


bigmommaX6 2 years ago

Rock chalk awesome job boys!!


burnmu 2 years ago

RCJK KU!!! I feel that we can win this time around against kentucky & leave another team that was suppose to beat us stunned and wondering how. I wouldn't be surprised if kentucky is already looking ahead to cutting down the nets, their parade, meeting with the President and not even really thinking about Kansas. Love you guys, keep it up and continue to grind it out. It only takes 1 to win it. Really proud of what you all have accomplished so far, it's been a great season so far


phoggyjay 2 years ago

Can't wait until Monday, Rock Chalk!


paisley 2 years ago



SeaBee 2 years ago

Correction: we "were not" projected to win the conference.

Wish we could edit posts to correct typogrsphical erors on this site.


Kari Wempe 2 years ago

Well Jack Harry.... What do you have to say now? Congratulations Coach Self and Jayhawks!! Well done. But we are not done yet.....


FlintHawk 2 years ago

'Scuse me for yelling, but:

ROCK CHALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hotd**n!! Nobody predicted this!!!!!!! I can't believe I'm alive after the last 4 minutes.


captainzeep 2 years ago

Amazing!!! You stay classy Lawrence Kansas.


SeaBee 2 years ago

And we were even "supposed" to win the the Big 12 this year.

Who'd a thunk it?


hesshawk 2 years ago

two things I'm wondering about for Monday: Can we avoid slippin on calipari's hair grease? can withey knock the unibrow off davis ??

Rock chalk


Rick Aldrich 2 years ago

Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!!!!!! Kentucky......can you come out and plaaaaay


Dan Eyler 2 years ago

Bill Self is an amazing coach, who put together another amazing team of great guys. Way to go Hawks.


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