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Worth the risk

March 16, 2012


To the editor:

I see from the March 13 Journal-World that the Brownback administration is concerned about possible fraud in the Earned Income Tax Credit program, and Budget Director Steve Anderson states “...we have no way of making sure, for example, that a single mother is spending that on needs for her children.”

The article talks about a young woman who has worked several jobs to support her two young boys. She received $735 last year from the program. She states the program was crucial to her ability to stay afloat until she was able to get back on her feet and be self-sufficient.

Seven hundred and thirty-five dollars — not a lot of money especially when you learn that the Brownback administration has hired a statute repealer for an annual salary of $114,000 who goes on a tour of the entire state to ask people what state laws they would like to have repealed. That information could have been much more efficiently gathered online by an existing state employee.

I’d rather my money be invested in the two young boys and I’m willing to take the risk that the mother won’t spend it on them. But I would really like to have my share of the $114,000, plus travel expenses, paid to the statute repealer back!


mikekt 2 years, 1 month ago

This non sense is definitely the re-Publican way ; more for us and ours ... and to hell with you, yours & the least amongst us! Just pretend that you are a Christian and that Jesus has already forgiven you of your imperfections for the rest of your life, so that you could do as you please to anyone else without any consequences which makes it "OK" to behave as if the world is all somebody else's problem, of no consequence to you or yours.... Right?! Whatever,....good luck..... because "Do Unto Others" is not an "optional coarse of life studies" but an inescapable law of life on planet earth! If it walks like a "Publican", talks like a "Publican"; well, just because you put an "re" in front of it doesn't make it less so.. of a"Publican" fact "re" is a prefix that means "again", when attached to the front end of a word. Granted,.. the idea that God will forgive us of anything that we do in life as long as we profess to believe in It, is a cheaper option than buying a Papal Indulgence, which use to be for sale for cash or favors in Rome, before it was replaced by this (just as useless before God) buzzword, lip service, that has become the public rule of these days. Whatever happen to "Go And Sin No More". Something for somebody else???? The good name of Christ doesn't need defending in all of this, as He never told these people to do this hypocritical, stupid stuff in Topeka, the State of Kansas or in this nation.. They invented that, themselves, out of their own best (whatever?) thinking.


tomatogrower 2 years, 1 month ago

Oh, Dee. Don't you know that you are picking on that poor guy with the cushy job, because you are envious? Don't you know that we are suppose to pity him? Don't you know you are suppose to deride and look down upon that single mom, because she dared to have children? And she dared to keep some of her taxes, so she could provide for those children? And she lives in a trailer anyway, so we know she's just trash. Isn't that the Republican way?

Isn't it the Republican way to marry for money? I believe several of their politicians married for that reason. Or why doesn't she get on a TV dance competition show? Or maybe have a "reality" TV show about being a single mom, who apparently isn't a slut, even though all of those other single girls who have sex are sluts. That's what she should do. If you become a Republican, then everything will be ok, and all is forgiven. You'll see.



Ron Holzwarth 2 years, 1 month ago

"Brownback administration has hired a statute repealer for an annual salary of $114,000 who goes on a tour of the entire state to ask people what state laws they would like to have repealed. That information could have been much more efficiently gathered online by an existing state employee."

I very clearly recall that there was an article here in the Lawrence Journal-World some time ago that invited the readers to send an email to Topeka suggesting which laws they thought should be changed.

I sent one to this email address:

This is the email that I sent to that email address:

Subject: Specific Statute/Regulation: Special taxing districts in Kansas

Rule/Regulation/Law Description: I would like to see a minimum of three signs required to be posted for all special taxing districts in Kansas in VERY visible locations. As the law now stands, the only way someone knows he's going to be charged an extra tax is to either know where they are beforehand or to examine the receipt later, and that is very often well after the sale has been made. Three big and very visible signs at these 3 locations: 1) at all the entrances to the parking lot. 2) at all the entrances to the store. 3) at all the cash registers.

I received this response:

Thank you for visiting the Office of the Repealer website. The Office of the Repealer was created by Governor Brownback via Executive Order 11-01. My staff and I will review your suggestion and contact you if further information is needed. Sincerely, Dennis Taylor Kansas Secretary of Administration Office of the Repealer


Gandalf 2 years, 1 month ago

I'm concerned Herr koback is not properly earning his pay as SOS. Can Evilsam stop him?


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