Letters to the Editor

Lost and found

March 13, 2012


To the editor:

On Feb. 26, I had just returned from taking our recently adopted dog for her bedtime walk and was in the garage wiping her feet. The garage door was on its way down, but something spooked her and she bolted for the door, causing it to come back up. It was about 10:30 p.m., so looking for a black dog was impossible.

I spent almost the entire next day combing the wooded area around our house to no avail. Her foster parents even brought two of their dogs to help us look. I called the radio station and the humane society to alert them in case someone found her. After two and a half days, I was sure we would never see her again. Because of her history of being the smallest dog of a litter of seven, she is a very shy, scared little girl, so I knew she would never let anyone help her.

However, on the third day, I got a call from the shelter saying she had been brought in by the animal control officer. This would never have happened had the people on Hunter’s Hill not called Animal Control after they were unsuccessful in luring her to them. Animal Control had to trap her in order to catch her.

I want to thank whoever called Animal Control and also the officers for their diligence in catching our dog. We will be forever grateful for the help of everyone who had a hand in helping us get our dog back.


Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 6 years, 3 months ago

We have a dog and two cats. All are micro chipped, just a thought. Also if one of ours is lost, the microchip company sends alert e-mails to every other microchip user with their company in the area, so they can watch too. I am so happy you found her. As she was just recently a member of your family, she had not been able to know that yet. We adopted an 8 year black lab from a rescue group, associated with SCARS an animal refuge group in Auburn. We think she is actually younger, but she does have grey hair. She had serious separation anxiety issues, but she is much better now. The vet told us to sedate her with an OTC medication. We still have to hide all the food, and she is still angry at me for leaving her. She pouts for a few hours and wont have anything much to do with me when I get home. It is so amazing to me, that each animal has their own personality. God Bless You

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