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Credit due

June 14, 2012


To the editor:

I would like to compliment our city staff, elected representatives on the school board, citywide volunteers, city personnel, Douglas County personnel, and our Lawrence neighbors for their support and cooperation in our Hillcrest Neighborhood Association activities.

The city, the Zaremba family from Zarco 66 and Master Gardener-trained neighbors through the Douglas County Extension office participated with our flower garden and identifying stone marker project at Ninth and Highland Drive. Talk about a team effort! Recently the city provided support and assistance with our Ninth Street cleanup project and they have been communicative about city agenda, safety issues, planning and zoning and funding opportunities, such as CBDG applications. It’s wonderful to see the administration at work for the betterment of our town.

Nothing is perfect, but with all the detractors raising their voices when something is amiss, we thought we’d take a second to applaud the positive synergy towards making things better — for which we are thankful.


bad_dog 6 years ago

Kind of a broad brush you're using there #!. I know other realtors that are involved in projects like Toys for Tots, Big Brothers/Sisters, scouting, food drives, etc. Perhaps you weren't aware of this because they didn't send letters to the editor?

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