Letters to the Editor

Slanted polls

June 12, 2012


To the editor:

Polls, polls; we are deluged daily with “polls” on every topic from who to vote for to what shampoo to use on your cat.

In Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera “HMS Pinafore,” the character of the captain of the Pinafore sings a line in one of his arias that during his time in Parliament “I always voted at my party’s call and never thought of thinking for meself at all!”

Given the upcoming bloodbath that promises to be with the election of the president of the United States, it would be most desirable to ignore the good captain and do some real thinking and research about how you use your vote and ignore the annoying and slanted “polls.”


Ragingbear 6 years ago

Hmm, interesting. Perhaps we should run a poll to see if other people feel the way you do.

JackMcKee 6 years ago

I just did an informal poll and 100% of the people asked agree with the need for a poll to see if people agree with him.

Liberty275 6 years ago

If you are dumb enough to let polls influence your vote, you get what you deserve.

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