Letters to the Editor

LMH heroes

June 4, 2012


To the editor:

There are many people that we consider true heroes. Soldiers, law enforcement officers and firemen are just a few examples of the heroes that protect us and make us proud on a daily basis. I recently found another entity of women and men that are just as heroic and perhaps, more importantly, sincerely kind and pleasant to their clients/patients. The nurses (and doctors) at Lawrence Memorial Hospital are without a doubt my new heroes.

After two recent stays at LMH, I never dreamed that I could have received such great customer service and cheerfulness from the aforementioned staff. The nurses were professional and rigorous regarding their duties. I felt as if I were being treated like royalty regarding every visit from them during the day and throughout the night. From a man who possesses a deep phobia regarding hospitals, doctors and medical offices, I can think of no better compliment.

These individuals work 12, 14 and more hours on a daily basis and still smile and treat each patient with dignity and professionalism during their long shifts. I feel that we should keep these individuals in our hearts and minds and acknowledge their efforts from time to time. Perhaps they deserve their own classification of hero in our society as they are there for us during our most vulnerable, and often our darkest, moments. So, to the nurses, doctors, and staff of Lawrence Memorial Hospital, thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Rich Noever 6 years ago

Over the last three plus years, I have been admitted to LMH three times. Each time, the care was excellant. The staff was very friendly and competent. LMH is a source for pride in our community. Thank you very much!

Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

I have a chronic health problem so I have been to LMH several times. They are wonderful. They are very competent at what they do, they do it with grace and kindness. I am very thankful they are there, and those who are at a certain age can be assured their needs will be taken care of. Thanks to all at LMH, and a shout out to the folks at LMH South.

Lawrence Morgan 6 years ago

My brother was cared for by Lawrence Memorial before he died several years ago of a brain tumor. They were, all of them, fantastic people.

friendlyjhawk 6 years ago

what a treat to have those good people at LMH mentioned for doing their difficult jobs with grace, skill, and curtesy. LMH is a fine community asset for Lawrence!

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