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Search to hire new internal audit director to begin in fall

July 23, 2012


Kansas University will begin a search for a new director of internal audit in the fall after the previous director resigned earlier this year.

Don Holland had served as director of internal audit since May 2008 before resigning effective May 2. According to an agreement he made with KU, the university will continue to pay Holland his full salary, based on an annual rate of $113,000 per year, through Sept. 30 or whenever he finds a new job, whichever comes first.

University leaders also agreed to provide positive job recommendations for him in the audit.

During that time, he has agreed to be available for consulting as needed, though the agreement states that he is not to be otherwise involved in university operations.

When he first arrived in the office, its budget allowed for six auditors on the staff. Today, that number is down to one. Brenda Muirhead, who was hired in the wake of a ticket scalping conspiracy at Kansas Athletics, is the only remaining auditor in the office.

Jack Martin, a KU spokesman, said she oversees athletics affairs and contributes to other audits at the university.

KU has a contract with Protiviti, a financial consulting company with an office in Overland Park, to provide supplemental internal audit services at $150 per hour.

Martin said Holland initiated the contract to expand the university’s reach to a broader skill set.

A search committee will be formed in the fall to bring on a new director of the office, who will have leeway to assess the office’s staffing levels and address them as he or she sees fit, Martin said.


Chip McConnell 5 years, 11 months ago

It's bad for KU that Don Holland is being forced out. However, his high ethical standards have been difficult for KU's upper management to deal with since his arrival in 2008.

It should be noted that Internal Audit was stopped from auditing the KUAC ticket office by KU's upper management several years prior to Mr. Holland's arrival.

Hopefully KU's 06/30/12 first consolidated external financial audit will help set up a system of financial controls which will allow KU's next Internal Audit Director to follow high ethical standards.

kufanatic 5 years, 11 months ago

Sadly, this was not my experience with Don. He often conducted weak investigations that supported the status quo. Hopefully, KU will turn a corner and fill this position with someone who is strong and is allowed to function independently.

Nate Morsches 5 years, 11 months ago

Don Holland is a good man, and has steadfast character. You do not really know this man if you think he would ever do his job in a "weak" manner.

equalaccessprivacy 5 years, 11 months ago

KU certainly has a record of the foxes guarding the hen house. The HR People form one egregious example, and apparently the auditing office mentioned here are in on the conflict-of-interest collusion too.

Derkle25 5 years, 11 months ago

This "Kansas University" thing at LJ-Whirled has to stop. It is "The University of Kansas," it even says it right there on Strong Hall. I don't understand why all the staff of this paper have been directed to write it this way. Until the university itself changes it's official stance, LJ-Whirled should use the proper form.

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