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5 years later, Wichita couple gets dogs back

July 16, 2012


— A Wichita couple is probably wishing their basset hounds could tell them where they've been for the last five years.

Brenda Travis and Tom Shields gave up hope of ever seeing their dogs after they were stolen five years ago from their home in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

But on Saturday, the dogs, called "Allie" and "Bama" were back with their owners in Wichita.

Travis says she got a call last Wednesday from the Paulding County animal shelter in Dallas, Ga. The dogs had been turned into the shelter and, fortunately, Bama had been microchipped. That allowed the shelter to trace their owners.

The Wichita Eagle reports friends and volunteers on Facebook organized a way to bring the dogs nearly 1,000 miles to reunite them with their owners.


Trekkerbek 5 years, 10 months ago

So happy for all four of you! Glad to hear one of your buddies was micro-chipped. All 3 of my indoor cats are, just in case they spook and run out.

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