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Kansas attorney general says changes would protect children

January 9, 2012


— Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is pushing proposals during this year's legislative session that he says strengthen protections for child against violent crime.

Schmidt, a Republican, announced his proposals ahead of Monday's opening of the GOP-controlled Legislature's annual session.

The attorney general is asking legislators to let trial court judges issue orders barring anyone convicted of a crime against a child from having any contact with the child throughout the victim's lifetime.

Schmidt also wants to amend a law on unlawful sexual relations to clarify that it applies to foster parents and state contractors in a position of trust with children.

He also said he wants to strengthen laws meant to ensure lifetime electronic monitoring of some violent sexual offenders after they leave prison.


thebigspoon 6 years, 5 months ago

I really appreciate the sentiment, especially coming from a Kansas Republican, but have little doubt it is unenforceable. At the present, we have protection statutes allowing divorce contestants, domestic violence participants, and others from having contact. How is this enforced? There must be an infraction or perceived infraction and a report by the "aggrieved" party or nothing prevents the contact. Unless the law requires GPS devices on both parties, the child and the offender, this is simply another law that can have no enforcement value, especially since the under-18 child is quite unlikely to report the unlawful contact, knowing that someone might be "hurt" by his report. I'm all for child protection, but, come on, Kansas, just be sensible and use currently available statutes to address the problem. I thought Republicans were the party of smaller government.

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