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Speaker O’Neal apologizes for forwarding email that calls Michelle Obama “Mrs. YoMama”

Kansas House Speaker Mike O'Neal, right, forwarded an email referring to First Lady Michelle Obama as "Mrs. YoMama." His office says it was a political cartoon, and O'Neal should not be criticized for sending the email.

Kansas House Speaker Mike O'Neal, right, forwarded an email referring to First Lady Michelle Obama as "Mrs. YoMama." His office says it was a political cartoon, and O'Neal should not be criticized for sending the email.

January 5, 2012, 12:21 p.m. Updated January 5, 2012, 6:29 p.m.


— House Speaker Mike O'Neal, R-Hutchinson, on Thursday issued an apology for an email he forwarded to fellow House Republicans that refers to first lady Michelle Obama as "Mrs. YoMama" and compares a photograph of her to a picture of the Grinch.

"Twins separated at birth?" the subject line of the email says.

The email includes a picture of Mrs. Obama next to one of the Grinch. It has been making the rounds on the Internet. Mrs. Obama's hair appears to be swept up by the wind, and O'Neal writes, "Sorry, just had to forward this latest holiday message! I've had worse hair days but this is pretty funny."

The forwarded portion of the email also states, "I'm sure you'll join me in wishing Mrs. YoMama a wonderful, long Hawaii Christmas vacation — at our expense, of course." The Obamas spent the holidays in President Barack Obama's home state of Hawaii.

O'Neal said he forwarded the email "too quickly missing the text included in the body of the email." He added, "To those I have offended, I am sorry. That was not my intent."

Earlier on Thursday, however, Alyson Rodee, who is O'Neal's communications director, defended O'Neal.

"Political cartoons are a part of American culture. It's hard to see how Mike O'Neal poking fun at himself and forwarding a lighthearted political cartoon about the first lady's extravagant spending of taxpayer funds during a time when many Americans are financially struggling is newsworthy," Rodee said.

But Kansas Democratic Party Chair Joan Wagnon said the email forwarded by O'Neal was "highly offensive, disrespectful and unacceptable." She added, "Regardless of how he feels about President Obama's politics, Speaker O'Neal's decision to promote language demeaning Mrs. Obama is simply wrong. The fact that his communications director thinks this is just `a lighthearted political cartoon' is appalling."

Earlier this week, the Lawrence Journal-World was sent an email that O'Neal had forwarded to House Republicans that referred to President Obama and a Bible verse that says “Let his days be few and brief.”

Rodee said that that email was referring to the president’s days in office.

The email, which has been posted in various places on the Internet, refers to a bumper sticker that reads “Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8.”

Psalm 109:8 says, “Let his days be few and brief; and let others step forward to replace him.”

The email states: “At last — I can honestly voice a Biblical prayer for our president! Look it up — it is word for word! Let us all bow our heads and pray. Brothers and Sisters, can I get an AMEN? AMEN!!!!!!”

Both of the forwarded emails were sent from O'Neal's private email address.


pace 5 years ago

Racist emails are a part of American culture. It's hard to see how Mike O'Neal writing a racist email and forwarding a racist email about the first lady is newsworthy,

Rae Hudspeth 5 years ago

Was it done on government servers? it's offensive. What he does privately is, however offensive, his business, but what he does on taxpayer money is open to criticism.

nedcolt 5 years ago

O'neal has nothing better to do,,,maybe rake the statehouse lawn or pick up some trash along the road,or actually do something,,,

Hooligan_016 5 years ago

Pretty sure I went to high school with O'Neal's "communications director" ... unbelievable, haha.

08Champs 5 years ago

What a childish and petty Representative we have - no matter what side of the "fence" you are on. I wish he would focus on our State's issues instead of trying to get a laugh at the expense of the First Lady. I'm all for freedom of speech, but he was elected to represent Kansas, and I don't like to be perceived around the country as "that state" and "those people." The kind that are ignorant and small, mean spirited and rascist.

overthemoon 5 years ago

right. Free speech, like all rights, comes with the responsibility of knowing when NOT to flap your tongue. Crude and disrespectful are never the expression of integrity and maturity.

overthemoon 5 years ago

right. Free speech, like all rights, comes with the responsibility of knowing when NOT to flap your tongue. Crude and disrespectful are never the expression of integrity and maturity.

08Champs 5 years ago

And if you have to hide behind the protections of "free speech" to be a rascist hatemonger, then you don't deserve the Constituion.

grimpeur 5 years ago

No, no...nobody's limiting speech here. O'neal can say what he thinks and forward whatever e-mails he thinks are neato.

And then, having demonstrated his poor judgement, childish mentality, and disrespect for just about everyone, he gets to have his fellow Kansans call him out as the bigot and the idiot he is. See how that works?

WilburNether 5 years ago

That is laughable hypocrisy, 08Champs. Oh, sure, you are all for freedom of speech -- except when someone says something you disagree with or don't like.

That is so typical of the gross hypocrisy of liberals.

kernal 5 years ago

Tacky is tacky, no matter how you cut it, WilburNether. This is not becoming behavior for a Speaker of the House in the State of KS and has nothing to do with hypocrisy of liberals or conservatives.

gatekeeper 5 years ago

What ever happened to professionalism?

Tracy Rogers 5 years ago

With leaders like this joker, no wonder the State is in the state it's in. Come on voters, get this guy out of office.

DeAnn Seib 5 years ago

I think the waste of taxpayers' money is paying the salary of the communications director who provides lame excuses for the other waste of taxpayers' money, Speaker O'Neal.

prairiechicken 5 years ago

really? can you cite a reference for that, or is this just more ugly racist ranting? Let's stop voting against our own self-interest, people!

Fossick 5 years ago

...Obama surprises the girl and her friends, which leads to her being called "Your Excellency" by Carly's friend Sam Puckett.

After being corrected by a friend that you don't call the First Lady that, Michelle Obama jumps in and says "No, no, I kind of like it."

Must be racist if you couldn't find it on Google News.

overthemoon 5 years ago

She also has a sense of humor, which doesn't necessarily read through in print.

kochmoney 5 years ago

Well, if she said it in a scripted Nickelodeon episode, it must be true!

jesse499 5 years ago

I plan to stop voting against my own self-interest so it won't be Obama.

kochmoney 5 years ago

Is that how the dog whistlers pronounce "uppity" these days?

beatrice 5 years ago

Mrs. YoMama? Really?

Not all criticism of the President and First Lady stems from racism. Sometimes, however, it does. This is one of those times.

Before anyone defends him, please ask, would O'Neal have ever used "YoMama" in reference to anyone who wasn't African American?

beatrice 5 years ago

Why isn't it newsworthy? The house speaker is supposed to represent the entire state, is he not? When he does something that demonstrates otherwise, like forewarding racist e-mails, that is newsworthy.

beatrice 5 years ago

One is an elected official, the other is not. O'Neal's son didn't send the offensive e-mail, O'Neal did.

Rae Hudspeth 5 years ago

If it was on his office email, it was not private. Did it also contain the disclaimer, "the opinions expressed are not representative of the state of Kansas.."? If not, then regardless of what the email stated, it's wrong if it's a personal email on gov't servers.

madcow 5 years ago

It is just embarrassing.

The speaker of the house should act more mature than lonely soccer moms and 13 year old girls.

Terry Sexton 5 years ago

It is racist, sophomoric, immature, narrow-minded & pathetic. The speaker is an embarrassment to his office & our state.

Armen Kurdian 5 years ago

I got forwarded this e-mail too. I just deleted it. Forget racism...I didn't even think it was funny. Keep that stuff off the work e-mail Mr. Speaker!

somedude20 5 years ago

Par for the course I guess. Some Kansas lawmakers want to shoot any person of colour from a helicopter, another is upset (and can tell where you are from by the colour of your skin) that her dumb daughter did not earn any scholarships when others (people of colour)had. Half the people that write on these boards (and you all know who you are) use racist lanuage when referring to the President and show their disdain for people of colour so really, this is business as usual.
Oh, and Brownback, who hates women, the poor, the old and just about everything else is a real prize too. Yeah, Kansas should be real proud. People are not born with hate, it is learned and it seems to be the only constant around here.

kochmoney 5 years ago

Email forwards are a bit 1998. Modern politicians make their stupid mistakes on Twitter.

meggers 5 years ago

So much for keeping Christ in Christmas, eh Mike?

kochmoney 5 years ago

Yuck, yuck. He's so funny. He prays for Obama to die in office - it's just a joke! And then he dog whistles with yo mamma jokes about the president's wife. Klassy!

Lest anyone wonder, the very next passage in that verse is "May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow." That pretty much makes it clear what "Let his days be few and brief" means. And since the meme's been circulating since at least 2009, O'Neal has had plenty of time to research the controversy. What a dirtbag.

rockchalk9erschiefshawk 5 years ago

Agnostic, this the portion of your posting that says it ALL about O'Neal: "I'd bet my car title that O'Neal doesn't know about 25%"....of anything

booklover2 5 years ago

I fail to see how O'Neal is "poking fun at himself". There isn't anything in his comments that remotely implies he is poking fun at himself. I guess we can't expect anything better to come out of him than some kind of racist, immature comment. Just can't wait for this bumbling, clownlike legislature to start their "work". Hold on to your hats, it is going to be a bumpy ride....

bad_dog 5 years ago

I'm guessing that refers to the "I've had worse hair days" portion of his message. Talk about self-deprecating comments...

Bad hair days are always inherent knee slappers. Maybe Mike can purposely mess his hair up right before the State of the State Message or at Kansas Day with all the reporters available for live news feeds. How about splitting the seat out of his pants when he sits down? Heck, put a Whoopee cushion in his chair! That will have 'em all rolling in the aisles wiping tears from their eyes...

jonas_opines 5 years ago


(Insert Inigo Montoya picture)

"That word, I do not think it means what you think it means"

blindrabbit 5 years ago

And we Kansans wonder why a company like Boeing might want to leave this "progressive" paradise. In reality , about the only positive features that come from the State any more are Kansas State Football and Kansas Basketball! Can you expect highly trained, educated people would want to live in a State that:

Has the reputation of being bigoted! Is the only state that has a defunct State sponsored "Arts Program"! Is thought of across the country as "Dorothy Land"! Is as "Flat as a Pancake"! Has a State Representative that wants to shoot aliens from a helicopter! Has another State Representative that sends racist memos while the economy tanks! Has a best limited tourist attractions! Is trending to becoming a hotbed for the religious Reich! Is home of Phred Phelps and his form of Kansas Morality and Christianity! Has a "C" Street governor, who prays with Governor Hair!

"God bless us all, each and every one"

asixbury 5 years ago

As if Kansas didn't look bad enough already!

hagar111 5 years ago

Kansas ccould't look any worse. For a state that constantly votes against its own interests to keep believing in these people is amazing. I am not from Kansas and I cannot believe there are so many people who cannot see the forest through the trees The Republicans in charge care no more about the people of Kansas than they do about the President. They are imature, greedy hate everybody that are not EXACTLY like them and oh so willing to harm the state for their own gain. I hate to say it but you people are so stupid that although you are losing your rights at an alarming rate and these politicans and big wigs keep stealing your money you will line up to help them load it in their trucks. Go figure.

asixbury 5 years ago

I am from Kansas and I still agree with you. I have seen the ignorance, blind following the blind, and the bigotry for as long as I can remember. Lawrence and the KC area are not NEARLY as bad as the rest of the state. If you think, believe, act, and look the same as everyone else, you probably like this state just fine. I am a non-Christian, independent, free-thinker so you can imagine the hate that has been directed towards me while living here. I love Lawrence, though, because I can truly be myself and most people here do not care. At least, I have never been personally attacked or judged while living here.

larrygin 5 years ago

I work for the state of kansas and if you're a person of colour you have very little chance for promotion, it's terrible.

Matthew Del Vecchio 5 years ago

don't momma's come in all colors? I missed how this is racist. It's definitely inappropriate but racist?...really?

beatrice 5 years ago

If it isn't racist, then why would you call it inappropriate? There is a reason Chris Rock does "Yo Mama" jokes, and Jeff Foxsworthy does "You know you're a redneck" jokes. "Yo Mama" is associated with Black American culture. Yes, everyone has a momma, but not everyone has a "yo mama." O'Neal's use of the term had nothing to do with Mrs. Obama's roll as a mother.

I am sorry you are ignorant of this.

Matthew Del Vecchio 5 years ago

Lol Thanks for the wisdom! And for the apology

Matthew Del Vecchio 5 years ago

don't momma's come in all colors? I missed how this is racist. It's definitely inappropriate but racist?...really?

Getaroom 5 years ago

DVECC: You missed nothing, nor are you color blind. You are intentionally faking ignorance of one kind to flaunt another. It's still racist. At least you are not hiding it!

ivalueamerica 5 years ago

I find your remarks obscene.

The racist redneck in question does have a college degree.

He is ignorant, not dumb.

Betty Bartholomew 5 years ago

"The forwarded portion of the email also states, 'I'm sure you'll join me in wishing Mrs. YoMama a wonderful, long Hawaii Christmas vacation — at our expense, of course.' The Obamas spent the holidays in President Barack Obama's home state of Hawaii."

Heaven forbid somebody go home for the holidays...

Is the president even allowed to travel on a non-government plane? I wouldn't be surprised to find out there's a policy in place that prohibits the person holding office from being able to buy a ticket on Delta or the like and travel with the masses. Safety issues and whatnot.

Armstrong 5 years ago

I for one would like to see Mr. and Mrs. O. on a permanent vacation. Nov ' 12, we can make it happen.

08Champs 5 years ago

Fine - your opinion and political position is in line with Mr. O'Neal., but address the issue! Do you agree with the actions outlined in the article and defend him?

Armstrong 5 years ago

Poor taste yes. Is "Yomoma " racist ? Years ago I would say probably yes, anymore the term seems to have lost much of the original intent.and does not seem to race specific any longer.

beatrice 5 years ago

Um ... how many years ago? Your defense is sad.

Armstrong 5 years ago

I graduated 30 years ago and the phrase was fairly new. Maybe it's just new in KS

Rae Hudspeth 5 years ago

I'm sorry, but how does using an "old expression" make it any less racist? Is it okay to use the n-word just because ignorant middle class white boys have tried to co-opt it? No, it's still not okay.

Armstrong 5 years ago

Yes because I don't agree with you. Standard reply # 7. You have been programed well by the machine.

yourworstnightmare 5 years ago

This just in!

Kansas legislators are dumb racists! More at 11.

bevy 5 years ago

You are making an unfair and inaccurate generalization. Not all of our legislators are dumb racists. Unfortunately, the good ones who are trying to do their jobs don't do stupid things to generate massive nationwide news coverage.

bevy 5 years ago

Wait - I don't mean it's unfortunate that they don't do stupid things! I mean it's unfortunate that the good they struggle to do, doesn't get the news coverage. But you knew that, right?

Laura Wilson 5 years ago

So, no Republican president ever took a vacation paid for by the taxpayers? No Republican president ever went home for the holidays?

Yeah, right.

dogsandcats 5 years ago

It's uncomfortable when the racist, sexist attitudes of the good ole boys come out, when everyone tries so hard to deny they exist. No excuse, but not shocking either.

Terry Sexton 5 years ago

rc1977, who is your choice for the presidency in 2012?

Terry Sexton 5 years ago

You are dodging the question. You don't have a candidate in mind that you prefer? Not trying to troll you, but I don't understand why the posters who are the most critical of President Obama rarely state their choice.

kochmoney 5 years ago

So you're voting for the Socialist Party candidate? Good to know.

beatrice 5 years ago

Oh, you are so upset! Did you stamp your little feet when writing that?

justajoe 5 years ago

I had a hunch and googled your phrase "a self-absorbed little man." There were 9.41 million hits and, bingo, guess which one came up first? That's right, a link to Fox News titled, in part, "Limbaugh Unloads." But that doesn't come as any surprise to you now, does it? Is this where someone is supposed to say "Dittohead?"

hagar111 5 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

bevy 5 years ago

At least O'Neal didn't include any nude pictures of himself in the e-mail.

beatrice 5 years ago

Or try to lure strangers into his public bathroom stall.

Bob Forer 5 years ago

How could you say something so slanderous. The Congressman simply had a wide stance.

beatrice 5 years ago

Nice try at diverting attention in another direction, but it won't take the criticism off O'Neal and his racist e-mail.

Speaker O'Neal is an elected official. John Sebelius is the son of an elected official. See a difference? Everyone else would.

beatrice 5 years ago

Not an elected official. Do we really want to go into the offenses of elected officials?

Stick to Harry Reid's old comment.

beatrice 5 years ago

Herman Cain is a prominent Republican?

bad_dog 5 years ago

Well, if NBC 41 said so, it must be true. Darned lame stream media anyway...

bad_dog 5 years ago

lolz. Is that breaking news Phoenix on NBC 41?

Jayhawk1958 5 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

pace 5 years ago

It is pitiful, the radical teas excusing the racists. Time after time when a radical conservative's racism hits the newspaper some apologist comes on and encourages the racist by saying everyone or someone else is a racist too. When will the republican party take responsibility for their own actions? If someone made such a remark in my home, he would be shown the door, not excused and used as a vaulting horse to drag up "the other side" What a weak and irresponsible response. He should be censored by his peers not alibied by his fans.

beatrice 5 years ago

He isn't being excused by radical teas, he is being excused by fellow racists.

pace 5 years ago

thank you, your correction is accurate.

blindrabbit 5 years ago

Phoenix and False: Any doubt about why us Kansans are thought of as bigoted redneck hicks. If you can't comprehend, just look in the mirror.

blindrabbit 5 years ago

Can you imagine the image portrayed by the Speaker of the Kansas House with his flippant racist forwardings as the State looses hi-tech jobs to a more enlightened part of the country (Washington). I can also imagine the State Chamber of Commerce and the Kansas Economic Development offices rolling their eyes as the State tries to attract hi-tech jobs in a highly competitive jobs market. If you don't understand this concept, watch as Kansas shrinks away in importance as the rest of the country strives to recover!

"God bless us all, each and every one". by Charles Dickens

question4u 5 years ago

With his great sense of humor, Mike will no doubt have a good laugh if someone decides to circulate a similar email about his wife . After all O'Neal's not a hypocrite, right? Wait...never mind.

blindrabbit 5 years ago

Falsehopes: If your are in the Skagit Valley, you must be in the lavender flower growing business. Enjoy the view of the Olympics to the west! Really enjoyed my Navy hitch in Bremerton!

08Champs 5 years ago

False - there's no "well he did it" allowed here. Was O'Neal wrong? That is the question. Now answer it.

yourworstnightmare 5 years ago

O'Neil only degrades himself with this behavior. He is an unserious amateur. That this man is house speaker, and still is juvenile enough to send emails like this, says very bad things about the citizens of his district and about Kansas.

camper 5 years ago

Juvenile is the key word. Good description.

hawksfanatic 5 years ago

Oh God, O'Neal has Jayhawks on his tie.

08Champs 5 years ago

Still avoiding the yes or no answer - you should be a politician!

blindrabbit 5 years ago

Wonder where O'Neal got his smarts (or lack of them); what a tool! Assuming this dolt is a racist (I'm sure no assuming is required, and that's his cross to bear) why would he make a stupid gaffe like posting something like this under his cover. Kansas has a recent history of goofy mid-state republican Speakers, this one and the former one from Hays or Holcomb (wherever) that touted the Holcomb coal burner.

yourworstnightmare 5 years ago

Grovel on the ground in apology, little man.

O'Neal is weak. O'Niell is stupid.

Grovel in apology.

GUMnNUTS 5 years ago

So Speaker Honky McHonkerton was upset about the President's Christmas vacation...wonder what he thought about W's penchant for R&R. CBS news reported in August that Obama had taken 61 days of vacay after 31 months in office. Compare that to W's 180 days off and Regan's 112 days off in their first 31 months. Or was that the amount of time they were actually working?

nekansan 5 years ago

Kind of a joke when the guy calling you out for vacationing on the taxpayer's dollar is in the bottom 30% of his peers for voting attendance in 2011! Thanks for not bothering to show up to represent the taxpayers that pay your salary Speaker O'Neal.

coloradoan 5 years ago

Maybe he was busy filing motions in his lawsuit against the Legislature? Man's gotta make a living somehow...

Armstrong 5 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

jafs 5 years ago


That's usually the term used to excuse things like sexual assault.

Alceste 5 years ago

Were House Speaker Mike O'Neal, R-Hutchinson a simple state employee civil servant forwarding such tripe to other state workers, he would be summarily TERMINATED in this backwater, idiocy dominated, non-thinking state.

House Speaker Mike O'Neal, R-Hutchinson has simply underscored he is indeed the type of individual who sets the DVR to record Jerry Springer and Steve Wilcos. Nothing new here. shrug

deec 5 years ago

Yo mama jokes are a reference to The Dozens, which is named after the practice of selling inferior slaves by the dozen.

Jayhawk1958 5 years ago

Apology not accepted O'Neill. You should have thought about the ramifications before you sent it. Even with your apology, you are still a racist pos.

blindrabbit 5 years ago

It is apparent that his elevator does not go to the top. You would have thought that after he got grief about the earlier e-mail, he would have not sent another. Hopefully, the next posting from this clown will be his resignation from Speaker if not from the Kansas House. I'm sure the Hutch folks are proud. KU ought to make some disclamer about his misuse of the Jayhawk on his tie.

Jayhawk1958 5 years ago

The truth is that O'Neill just doesn't care what he does, otherwise he wouldn't do these things.

friendlyjhawk 5 years ago

Just another reason that Kansas republicans make the State of Kansas look ignorant!

4getabouit 5 years ago

Speaker O'Neal's actions are just a brief preview of what is yet to come from this group of small minded, small thinking phonies. A pathetic leader. Pathetic.

riverdrifter 5 years ago

Speaker O'Neal looks like Warden Norton from the Shawshank Redemption. Just sayin'...

trinity 5 years ago

I SO thought the same thing!!!

getreal 5 years ago

O'Neal, quit spending so much time sending offensive e-mails and create some jobs for Kansas.

Bob Forer 5 years ago

"To those I have offended, I am sorry. That was not my intent."

Another Republican non-apology apology. Instead of simply apologizing for saying something that was clearly offensive, he tacitly places the blame on those who happened to have been offended by the remarks.

What a POS.

Godot 5 years ago

"Laura Bush is spending the weekend with Bill Clinton. She is the keynote speaker at the three-day Clinton Global Initiative. President Bush says he's OK with this, but we'll see how he feels when she comes back with her skirt on backwards and without that frozen smile." --Bill Maher

""I don't know if you noticed this but when President Bush gave his State of the Union speech, he announced the person heading up the offensive on gangs and gang violence would be First Lady Laura Bush. Today the first lady announced the name of her anti-gang program 'Just Say Yo!'" --Jay Leno

or how about the first children?

"First Lady Laura Bush said that Jenna Bush's new boyfriend is not a serious boyfriend. Yeah, Laura Bush described him as more of a drinking buddy." --Conan O'Brien

beatrice 5 years ago

Last anyone checked, Bill Maher, Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien still were not elected officials, but comedians. Fail.

Godot 5 years ago

Bill Clinton steps out onto the White House lawn in the dead of winter. Right in front of him, on the White House lawn, he sees "The President Must Die" written in urine across the snow. Well, old Bill is pretty pissed off.

He storms into his security staff's headquaters and yells, "Somebody wrote a death threat in the snow on the front damn lawn! And they wrote it in urine! Son-of-a-b***had to be standing right on the porch when he did it! Where were you guys?"

The security guys stay silent and stare ashamedly at the floor. Bill hollers, "Well dammit, don't just sit there! Get out and FIND OUT WHO DID IT! I want an answer, and I want it TONIGHT!"

The entire staff immediately jumped up and raced for the exits. Later that evening, his chief security officer approaches him and says, "Well Mr. President, we have some bad news, and we have some really bad news. Which do you want first?"

Clinton says, "Oh Hell, give me the bad news first." The officer says, "Well, we took a sample of the urine and tested it. The results just came back, and it was Al Gore's urine."

Clinton says, "Oh my god, I feel so ... so betrayed! My own vice president! Damn. Well, what's the really bad news?"

The officer replies, "Well, it's Hillary's handwriting."

Shane Garrett 5 years ago

Okay I Chuckled at that one. Why do I read these posts?

Lindsey Buscher 5 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

blindrabbit 5 years ago

Godot: yours are jokes, O'Neals are bigoted, racist postings; and this from somebody who should be setting a good example for the State!

William Weissbeck 5 years ago

I'll give a small benefit of the doubt because I do believe that the advent of texting and the Internet have made us a courser, ruder, more vulgar society (or at least much more impersonal and detached from our off the cuff comments). Facebook tells us where the action is, but not how to behave. Still, I have a strong belief that no one would have made such a comment about Nancy Reagan (short of complaining about the China), and absolutely zero about Barbara or Laura Bush. Hillary to a decree made herself a public figure while first lady, so some commentary was fair. But accusing her of conspiracy to murder Vince Foster probably crossed the line. Michelle is far closer in her public persona to Nancy and the Bushes - she should be off limits to all but the most vulgar. And I just love how the GOP tries to play up Obama's elitism (like they did with John Kerry). Just who exactly is Mitt Romney? An open shirt without a tie doesn't make you blue collar. If anyone remembers the Morris Kaye (sp.?) ads for governor decades ago, Romney would do the same - walk through a cow pasture with his eyes upward, instead of watching out for the cow pies below.

jayhawklawrence 5 years ago

I grew up in O'Neal's backyard and we are of a similar age. I understand how a person can end up with his world view and I almost feel sorry for the guy.

You grow up isolated from the rest of the world and limited in your social circles and peer groups and you become very narrow and mentally handicapped in a way that makes you insensitive and ill equipped to handle some of the problems we are struggling with in the new global economy.

Sadly, people like O'Neal probably will never realize how rediculous they really are.

I know that not all people from that part of the country think the way O'Neal does but a majority of them elected him and he represents them. If that doesn't get under their skin a little, I have nothing more to say.

08Champs 5 years ago

Very insightful, accurate apparently - and sad. Doesn't excuse him from being a childish bully of course.

KansasPerson 5 years ago

What can you expect from someone who apparently doesn't know the difference between a political cartoon and a photoshopped internet meme?

Pat Oliphant would be ashamed.

acg 5 years ago

When are you republicans going to get real already and just fess up! I don't believe for one minute the reason that a lot of you hate the President has anything to do with his politics or his policies. He hasn't had an opportunity to do anything because the stubborn money grubbing GOPuke is constantly in his way. He's spent the last four years trying to clean up what your guy Dubya did to this country. Has he done a great job? No. Why? Because he refuses to get tough with the GOPukes and do what needs to be done regardless of the tail feathers he may ruffle. No, the only reason a lot of the GOPukes hate the President is the color of his skin. Which is obvious by their jokes, emails, cartoons, etc. Had someone made half of these comments about Condoleeza Rice when Dubya was destroying our country you GOPukes would have been up in arms about how racism has no place rearing its ugly head in politics. You're all transparent and obvious. Now, go wash your sheets! I'm sure you're missing a rally.

yourworstnightmare 5 years ago

O'nieall is an amateur and a light weight. He keeps proving this again and again.

He is unserious and does not realize the responsibility he has as the Speaker. That he keeps being elected makes one once again wonder, "What's the matter with Kansas?"

del888 5 years ago

wouldn't it be nice if our politicans actually had work to do. If an employee at my company sent an email like this they would be fired.

Kim Murphree 5 years ago

With our state struggling, he takes the time, and tax-payer money to poke fun at the First Lady...I just find that so typical of this guy....and even more appalling, when you know that if someone on his staff were to do the same but target someone like, say....Brownback? He'd fire them.

Scott Tichenor 5 years ago

Speaker is a clown.

Business 101, and everyone knows it. Receive an inappropriate email that's getting forward around and you DELETE it. You don't forward on and think it's OK because once someone else forwards it your name is on it.

Stupid. What really bothers me though is that we have morons like this in charge of our state. There's the real problem.

camper 5 years ago

This was a term I used to hear on the playground in Middle School. Even by High School it was something too childish to say.....I guess. Never heard it much. You would think a State Representative would be more professional than this.

Lacy Mohler 5 years ago

I don't know what I find more offensive about O'Neil--the fact that he hides behind Bible verses while attacking the Obamas (who haven't even a clue who he is) or that he can't pick a decent eyeglass frame.

HogJiver 5 years ago

This ignorant fool needs to be removed from office just for being stupid.

AverageCitizen 5 years ago

Since our wrong-thinking Governor monitors all the news to quickly pounce on those that don't agree with him, I am assuming House Speaker O'Neal does the same. I want to be on record that I am extremely embarrassed that he represents Kansas in any way. Are you reading this Mr. O'Neal?

Secondly, Michelle Obama is not elected and thus not subject to ridicule by those historic political cartoons Alyson Rodee wants to defend in her boss. Whether this email was meant to be private or not it still speaks to his real feelings about minorities and is the perfect example of his true character. There is NO ATTEMPT by our elected officials to compromise and respect each other and I am sick to death of it.

I will work to elect new officials every election until we get some politicians that bring our state back to it's moderate stance that it has had historically. I'm mortified over how polarized our political climate has become.

Jayhawk1958 5 years ago

If the Governor wanted to do the right thing, he would call for his resignation.

woodscolt 5 years ago

It is better to embarrass the state of Kansas and apologize rather than behave as an adult and use mature judgement to begin with. Kinda like shooting people from an airplane. If you were to say the speaker of the house in Kansas uses sophomoric judgement and behaves like a juvenile delinquent, then he has served up your proof.

Irenaku 5 years ago

Why shouldn't the President and the First Lady go home for the holidays just like everyone else, just because their home and family are in the state of Hawaii? And this guy is an over-stuffed grouchy old white man who can suck it for spewing ignorant and racist language. Baboon ass...

acg 5 years ago

Absolutely not would I have been okay with a blatantly racist comment like this, regardless of who's direction it was aimed in. Bigotry makes me sick.

beatrice 5 years ago

Informed, you may be right were it not for the racism. It isn't just that it was a joke. Note that not a single person here is mentioning the comments about Michelle Obama's hair, which is where the joke was based. All of the comments are based on the added "yomama" line. Because of its racism, it would get called on no matter who did it.

danmoore 5 years ago

Would be okay for John Doe, but for a state rep is unacceptable. After he apologizes to the first lady he should apologize to all citizens of Kansas.

meggers 5 years ago

If anyone questions whether these attacks on the First Lady are racially motivated, one need only search google images of her for all of the racist photoshop jobs. Thank you so much for providing an example. You must be proud.

camper 5 years ago

Can you provide us a clue as to your age Phoenix?

jonas_opines 5 years ago

Are we talking physically or emotionally? Psychologically?

Sad thing is that he's a full grown man. One who has been booted from this site at least 20 times in the last decade for abusive behavior, cyber-stalking, and personal threats against users. You probably ought to just let him be, it's only a matter of time before he crosses the line against somebody and gets yanked again.

danmoore 5 years ago

"When Kansas breaks into the New York headlines, it usually means one of two things," quipped a rueful farmer during the 1930s Dust Bowl period. "Either we have suffered an act of God or else we have made fools of ourselves."

Rae Hudspeth 5 years ago

Where did that come from? It's magnificent.

Ragingbear 5 years ago

Yo Mama is so dumb that she voted for Bush. Twice!

streetman 5 years ago

What's to apologize for? The mock indignation by the Democratics over something like this is laughable. It comes with the territory -- were they upset when it was Bush getting the "treatment?" It's well-past time to get over the "Obama-can't-be- joked-about" crap.

yourworstnightmare 5 years ago

Please explain how calling Michelle Obama "Mrs. YoMama" is making fun of President Obama.

pace 5 years ago

I don't agree with your assessment that only democrats are indignant over racial slurs. most republicans (that I know) are not racists. It is stereotyping like that which widens the division in this country.

Terry Sexton 5 years ago

It is racist & foolishly short-sighted.

danmoore 5 years ago

What member of the Kansas legislature mocked George Bush?

yourworstnightmare 5 years ago

Please explain how calling Michelle Obama "Mrs. YoMama" is making fun of President Obama.

Richard Heckler 5 years ago

Speaker Mike O'Neal,

The Socialist payroll is why you are not fired as we speak. If on a conventional payroll this type of unethical behavior would have you jobless.

OrangeCountyCalifornia 5 years ago

I didn't realize people in Kansas (or anywhere in flyover country for that matter) are so stupid.

secrettoalonglife 5 years ago

Is Kansas finally getting the attention it deserves? I would like to think not.

danmoore 5 years ago

At the risk of offending 3rd graders, O'Neal has the maturity of an 8 year old.

Rae Hudspeth 5 years ago

Where did that come from? It's magnificent.

Christine Anderson 5 years ago

Well heck, I am so glad this is not my native state.

Flap Doodle 5 years ago

You think she's still getting kickbacks from that Chicago hospital where she set up a patient-dumping scheme?

coleja 5 years ago

so.. the sad part about this is that this clown is in our state legislature. If anybody's days need to be few and brief it should be this clown. I agree that this comment was rude and disrespectful and far from a "political cartoon". Word to the wise: re-read the content of your emails and who you are sending them to before you push the "send" button.


JackNoxious 5 years ago

The Psalm continues:

9 May his children become fatherless, and his wife a widow.

10 May his children wander as beggars and be driven from their ruined homes.

11 May creditors seize his entire estate, and strangers take all he has earned.

12 Let no one be kind to him; let no one pity his fatherless children.

13 May all his offspring die. May his family name be blotted out in a single generation.

Yup! Pretty durn funny! You know what? Jerks like this are exactly the kind of people who prattle on about the literal, unchangeable verity of the Revealed Word of God--to suddenly write this off as a joke or a jest is another lie from the mouth of another liar. They know what was meant by this, and we know what was meant by this.

Coro93 5 years ago

While on active duty in the US Army, I spent 2 years in Topeka, KS. I can honestly say that in all that time I never had the misfortune of running into any of the ignorant, racist that you Jayhawks tend to elect to high office. Correction, I did drive by one of the protests of that crazed fake preacher with the gay son, who blames homosexuality for every bane of society. All in all despite the lack of scenery, Kansas and the people I met were much better than this representation. I'm sure Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama,Texas and S. Carolina are sending their letters of encouragement.

tagged05 5 years ago

Wishing the death of the President should warrant a visit from the Secret Service!

Of the individuals who come to the Secret Service's attention as creating a possible danger to one of their protectees, approximately 75 percent are mentally ill.

Just saying!

Redwine12Roses 4 years, 11 months ago

This article is not truly representative of how treacherous the email in regard to psalm 109 when O'neal said specifically “At last — I can honestly voice a Biblical prayer for our president! Look it up — it is word for word! Let us all bow our heads and pray. Brothers and Sisters, can I get an AMEN? AMEN!!!!!!”

This prayer calls for the death of our President, and whether you like him or not it is treason!

Let his days be few; and let another take his office. Is not so bad but what follows is: Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.

He should at the very least be removed from his position.

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