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TV screenwriter to share tips with KU students

February 24, 2012


An author and screenwriter advises those aspiring to become a Hollywood writer to become comfortable with a tight deadline, and to delineate thinking time from writing time.

“When you’re on a TV show, you only have five days to write,” in some cases, said Sterling Anderson, who has written for CBS’ “The Unit,” and NBC’s “Medium” and “Heist,” got into the business after writing a screenplay and taking to an agent.

His book, “Beyond Screenwriting,” is a how-to guide for people interested in the craft. Anderson, who has also taught college screenwriting courses, advises students to not be afraid of the rewriting process.

“You’re in the business to rewrite,” he said. “On every project, every movie, you’re rewriting.”

He suggests studying shows with good writing, including “The West Wing,” “Dexter,” “The Sopranos” and “24.”

Anderson is scheduled to be at The Wheel, 507 W. 14th St., from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on March 2 for a book signing, and he also intends to speak to KU students during his visit to Lawrence.

He will appear at The Wheel with Stephanie Dart, a KU alumna with whom Anderson wrote “Does He Cheat?” That book includes anonymous interviews with men who have cheated on their spouse, and asks them to reveal the signs that their girlfriends or wives could have used to figure out they were cheating.


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