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The last border battle: Kansas and Missouri to play their final regular season basketball game Saturday

The legendary KU coach Phog Allen in the 1950s.

The legendary KU coach Phog Allen in the 1950s.

February 24, 2012


As Kansas and Missouri prepare to meet on the basketball court for the 267th time Saturday, it might just be the last (in the regular season, anyway), thanks to conference realignment.

Here’s a by-the-numbers look at the long rivalry:

$1,500: The highest asking price for a ticket to the game on on Thursday. The lowest amount you could spend to get in the gates at Allen Fieldhouse? A mere $300.

26: When the series began in 1907, Teddy Roosevelt was serving as the United States’ 26th president.

Bud Stallworth from his 50-point game against Missouri at Allen Fieldhouse on Feb. 26, 1972

Bud Stallworth from his 50-point game against Missouri at Allen Fieldhouse on Feb. 26, 1972

On the street

This Saturday is the last time Kansas will play Missouri in regular conference play in men’s basketball. Will you be sad to see the rivalry go?

I’m sad to see (Missouri) leaving the conference because rivalry in sports is a good thing.

More responses

34-31: The score of the very first game in the rivalry. Missouri’s first basketball coach, Isadore Anderson, got the best of KU’s James Naismith on March 11, 1907, in Lawrence. The very next day, the two teams played again, and the Tigers did even better, getting the best of KU, 34-12. It went downhill from there for Missouri fans, though, as KU won the next seven.

50: Highest point total from a single player in the rivalry. Bud Stallworth scored 50 points in Allen Fieldhouse in 1972 in a 93-80 KU victory.

17: The number of Missouri head coaches who have coached in the rivalry, not counting interims. Norm Stewart coached in the most games, and the Allen Fieldhouse crowd finally got him to sit down — in a rocking chair no less — in 2003.

8: Number of Kansas coaches who have coached against Missouri. Current coach Bill Self’s teams are 17-4.

14: The number of KU NBA players who participated in the “Legends of the Phog” game in September. Curtis Marsh, who leads the KU Info information service, points out that matches the number of Missouri players who have ever played in the NBA. Ever.

11-18-1885: The birthdate of legendary KU coach Phog Allen, who was born in Jamesport, Mo. It only took him until his teenage years to realize Kansas was the place for him.

143: The estimated number of people killed in William Quantrill’s Aug. 21, 1863, raid on Lawrence that can be seen as the event that started all this animosity in the first place.


CLARKKENT 6 years, 2 months ago


Russell Fryberger 6 years, 2 months ago

It seems from this post that you graduated from MU. Just an observation.

Jayhawk1958 6 years, 2 months ago

I will miss the state that is known for walnut bowls, meth labs, Ozark inbreds, and bumper cars at Osage Beach.

ksjayhawk74 6 years, 2 months ago

Anyone going to the game:

Please make a nice big sign that says "S E C YOU LATER, MIZZOU!!!"

You'll want to wait to pull this sign out towards the end when it's clear that Missouri is going to lose and is walking out of the Big 12 without even a part of the title.

John Hamm 6 years, 2 months ago

Hey! LJW Lew's gone. It is, always has been (except for a brief attempt at political correctness during his tenure), and always will be to most "The Border War." Say that now, "Border War."

blindrabbit 6 years, 2 months ago

Let Mizzou go! If at some point in the remote future Mizzou wants to continue the match-up, let them grovel for a while! They will soon realize that the only occasion that they filled the Paige Center was when they played KU.

News_to_me 6 years, 2 months ago

Hey, how about televising this game at the football stadium. Or getting a big screen in front of the Phog. That would be sweet!

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