Letters to the Editor

The strong survive

February 23, 2012


To the editor:

What in the wild, wild world of Lawrence, Kansas, is going on here? At my alma mater (Kansas University), we have gone through a ticket scandal with trusted employees in jail. We’ve got people there that don’t have a clue. Why do we have suspended police officers with no names? Why does our capable city manager not head this controversy off? Where are the checks and balances? Come on, City Hall.

As far as the future of Lawrence goes, hopefully it will go forward. We don’t need to be a western Kansas town, many of which are dying. We are Lawrence. We are the future.

We’ve got trash issues, wetlands, downtown development, greening issues, potholes, elementary school closings, etc. We can handle it. Only the strong survive.


tange 6 years ago

Sometimes not even the strong survive. Only canned spam and cockroaches.

JackMcKee 6 years ago

The only trash problem we have is the one Cromwell's kangaroo court has created.

Corliss. Well, what can you say. He has all the leadership ability of Ed McMahan on the tonight show.

The ticket fixing. It would be nice to have some facts.

And that's Mac Smack!

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