Killing for ‘art’

To the editor:

As a transplanted Lawrencian, I have several thoughts regarding the exhibit “Story of Chickens – A Revolution.” First, this exhibit is not a revolution; it upholds the entrenched idea there is only one ending between a human and certain animals. This is simply not true. A revolutionary exhibit would allow the chickens to live at the end. Lawrencians are smart enough to have the discussion without actually killing the animals.

Second, it doesn’t show where most people’s meat comes from. I am willing to bet the majority don’t stop buying meat from supermarkets because of this. To force people to make the connection between the individual chickens they come to know and the meat they eat, the exhibit should conclude with a visit to a slaughterhouse.

Third, this sets a precedent for killing animals for “art.” Killing an unwilling living creature for your personal message is not art; it’s obscenity. Finally, these chickens, as the “artist” herself points out, are beautiful animals. I’ve been around enough animals to know they feel pleasure in their lives. There is pure ugliness in holding these living beings down and forcibly slaughtering them while they struggle for their lives simply to present a message.

If the only way humans can learn to respect animal life must end in the death of the animals, then God help the human race. The best thing that could happen, if this project is not canceled, is that people simply don’t attend any part.