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Lawrence High boys basketball vs. Shawnee Mission South The day in photos, Feb. 15, 2012
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Explosives found in truck parked near Statehouse
In events police say are unrelated, one man arrested for allegedly making threatening call to governor’s office, owner of suspicious truck arrested
12:57 p.m., February 15, 2012 Updated 12:28 a.m.
Several homemade bombs were found Wednesday in a pickup truck parked near the Kansas Statehouse that had specialty license plates issued only to U.S. military paratroopers, and police said they arrested the owner inside an underground tunnel connecting the Capitol to an office building.
Predictable end
The issue of local elementary school consolidation is back where it belongs: with the school board and its top administrators.
February 15, 2012
The decision of a local school task force not to complete its charge of recommending how to consolidate central-city elementary schools is disappointing but not surprising.