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Letter: Loss of trust

December 26, 2012


To the editor:

The headline article in Monday’s paper tells us how the school board didn’t divert funds from a bond issue for school renovation to the use of athletic fields (entertainment). Well, not right away and only about $5 million. And of course none of the current members were on the school board then.

This reminds me of the assurances about a decade ago that the closure of Centennial Elementary School wasn’t motivated by diverting the building and grounds to use as athletic purposes. That wasn’t done — well, not for a few years, and not by the same school board people — mostly.

So why would I vote against money for education? I don’t trust the management to use it for education. Well, OK, flat-screen TVs in the lunch room are a technology upgrade.


motomom 5 years, 5 months ago

I STILL get a little angry when I drive by Centennial School and the ball fields. Randy Weasel-man and his school board knew all along the real reason they wanted Centennial's doors closed. I am right there with ya, Adrian. It makes it pretty difficult to trust their words.....

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