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Letter: Credibility?

December 15, 2012


To the editor:

So the ultraconservative Kansas Senate has chosen Ty Masterson to be the new chairman of their budget committee. I ask myself who else is better qualified to lead Kansas into the sunny uplands of no income taxes and fiscal responsibility than a man who has an unpayable and unimaginable $160,000 in revolving credit card charges?

This guy “ has tremendous credibility with his peers,” according to the Senate president.

Has the Kansas Republican party gone completely nuts?


Ken Lassman 2 years ago

Here's the reaction of the public when Masterson declared bankruptcy in 2011, four years after attempting to strike a deal with his creditors, from the Wichita paper where he comes from:

Sounds like a pretty special guy!

Lawrence Morgan 2 years ago

Thank you for that link. Everyone should read it!

Katara 2 years ago

I am more interested in the court-ordered judgments against him. $150,000? What was done to have a judgment rendered against him?

Fred Mertz 2 years ago

I won't defend Materson, but I will point out unless you're equally appalled at Geithner being picked as Treasurer then you're just being partisan.

Our standards for our elected leaders should be universal and not based on political party.

Ken Lassman 2 years ago

I'd have to agree that Geithner's Goldman Sachs pedigree is appalling too. But that doesn't get Masterson off the hook. He's bad news with a whistle blowing comin' down the track.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 2 years ago

Given that the Republican Party has chosen to run the state budget deep into the red, he's actually a very appropriate choice.

Fred Mertz 2 years ago

bozo, do you have anyting to substantiate that the state is in the red? The budget was balanced last year and it will be balanced again this year. So how is "the state budget deep into the red."

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 2 years ago

It's not in the red yet-- but without major cuts in every aspect of state government spending, and/or tax increases (likely on regressive sales taxes) it'll be in the red by $billions within a couple of years. Have you not been reading the news?

Fred Mertz 2 years ago

Glad to see you admit what you wrote was wrong. And, while you're second statement is closer to reality it is still wrong. We are constitutionally mandated to have a balanced budget each year so our budget, unless we violate the constitution, will never be in the red.

Now, to accomplish this, we may have to severely cut state services and look for other sources of revenue such as keeping the "temporary" sales tax increase.

Yes, I read the news as well as other documents such as the state constitution.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 2 years ago

I made no such admission, and my statement wasn't wrong. The Republicans quite clearly have the state budget headed into the red.

The problem is in your reading comprehension (or is it just your difficulties with the English language in general?)

Fred Mertz 2 years ago

Let see you wrote, "run the state budget deep into the red" and I called you on it. Then you wrote, "It's not in the red yet-- but without major cuts in every aspect of state government spending, and/or tax increases (likely on regressive sales taxes) it'll be in the red"

You admitted you were wrong and rightfully so. The state's budget, as you previously stated, is not in the red.

You see bozo, anyone can say someone is wrong, but it is important to show how they erred.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 2 years ago

The verb "run" has the meaning that we are en route somewhere. It doesn't mean we are there yet. Please find some remedial help in understanding basic English.

Fred Mertz 2 years ago

As I pointed out, he can't run the budget into the red. It is unconstitutional. It is not in the red now and won't be when they close it out next year.

The verb run doesn't have the same meaning as en route. If it did, you could interchange the two. Joe is en route to school and Joe is run to school do not mean the same thing.

Also, I suggest that you look up the definition of a budget being in the red. I know what you meant, but you used the term incorrectly since it means losing money. The government doesn't make or lose money.

I have to ask why is it necessary to get a little dig in on just about everyone of your posts? Do you think it enhances your point or does it make you feel good to insult others?

Paul Wilson 2 years ago

Foolish speculation from an admitted liar.

tomatogrower 2 years ago

"Has the Kansas Republican party gone completely nuts?" You've only just now noticed?

riverdrifter 2 years ago

Perfect! As somebody said, unintended comedy is the best comedy and the empty-minded teabaggers in the Topeka state house keep it coming -day in and day out.

Fred Mertz 2 years ago

It is pretty funny to put a guy in charge of a budget committee that can't successfully run a business. Almost as funny as putting a guy that doesn't pay his tax bill in charge of the treasury. It is a laff riot out there.

jhawkinsf 2 years ago

O.K., I'll ask and hope someone knows the answer. Given this individual's history, why was he allowed to run unopposed? Why did the Democrats not even field a candidate in this district when they ran candidates in many other contests against seemingly great odds?

Ken Lassman 2 years ago

Don't know, but my guess has to do with the fact that his district is the BelAire suburb of NW Wichita and surrounding real estate, he's into real estate, and his two biggest contributers outside the party were the Koch brothers and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

Richard Heckler 2 years ago

What republican party? The GOP IS DEAD.

What we have is big spending right wing economic terrorists that which brought us to "borrow and spend,borrow and spend , borrow and spend aka Supply Side Economics or Reaganomics but most likely wreckanomics.

Getaroom 2 years ago

Even in death the GOP is dead and there is a stench to prove it! Run by the elected clones of Corporate America they have lied and cheated all the way to the bank and yet, they are unsated. There will never be enough to quench the thirst of these vampires. Time to drive a stake through the heart of Free Market Capitalism.

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