Letters to the Editor

Letter: True patriots

December 3, 2012


To the editor:

As a “green” reporter for the Wellsville Globe, which had been sold to Tri-County News in Gardner, I was sent to cover the Jacob Butler story. Hoards of reporters descended on the Wellsville community, parking all around the Butler home, shoving mics into the faces of Jim and Cindy Butler. The Butlers were in shock. At the time, my son was the same age as Jacob, and my heart broke as they struggled with their loss. I stayed in the background, disgusted with the way the media hounded these humble folks.

The recent story in the Journal-World (Nov. 23) brought back all the heartbreaking memories. I hope the Butlers have some kind of closure. It is shameful that it has taken nine years for the true circumstances of their son’s death to surface. I wonder how many other families are struggling with the same unanswered questions. Service men and women, their families and friends deserve to be treated with respect, honesty and truth. Any less is a failure on the parts of all of us who claim to be patriots.


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