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Better plan

August 25, 2012


To the editor:

I can understand how city commissioners might feel like the newly proposed recreation center at the western-most boundary of the city is a great opportunity. But what if it isn’t really what most of the residents of Lawrence would like in terms of “recreation”?

Intercollegiate athletics and superstar coaches Larry Brown, Roy Williams and now Bill Self can create much excitement and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, coaches have a habit of moving on even when we want them to stay. In reality, a small percentage of people regularly enjoy the pleasures of big-time Kansas University sporting events. General ticket prices are high, and good seats go to the highest bidder. Remember when KU pushed old-timers, many KU professors, out of the seats they had had for years?

I believe that commissioners are making erroneous assumptions. My belief is that the entire city would like to have more access to everyday sports close to home — sports that include biking, walking, running, boating, just playing, hanging-out space. Two million dollars a year for 20 years could buy a lot of recreation as well as address other important citywide needs. KU isn’t going anywhere whether this project is a reality or not. Our residents deserve a better plan.


Ragingbear 5 years, 10 months ago

Lawrence City Commission: Spend big, complain about everything else, ignore the people, raise property taxes, have city appraiser overvalue all property so taxes will be higher.

Richard Heckler 5 years, 10 months ago

Very smart and well written letter.

Do the pros outweigh the cons of the new proposed sports complex?

The answer appears to be no according to an analysis. http://www.lawrencesmartgrowth.blogspot.com/ ( Analysis)

Taxpayers are on the hook for the more than $20 million USD 497 sports project as we speak. This is a part of PLAY. Voters were not warm to this concept ever if my memory serves me well.

It is time in my estimation to revisit this 1994 sales tax and ask voters how elected officials should be spending this money. Put this question on the upcoming ballot.

This 1994 sales tax is not dedicated to the park department in spite of the fact a large chunk has been funding park department projects.

Think of it this way.10% of this sales tax could be dedicated to rehab the library and operations thereafter. Thereby eliminating a tax increase. Eliminating a tax increase would be popular and fiscally responsible and Let the voter decide.

Think of of this way. 10% of this sales tax could build this community a nice Vo-Tech center. Let the voter decide. This would increase economic growth by attracting more students.

Think of it this way. 10% of this sales tax could be donated to USD 497 to rehab our elementary schools. This would attract new economic growth because excellent public schools are known for stimulating new business. It's time to show that our tax dollars are maintaining taxpayer owned properties responsibility. Let the voter decide.

Richard Heckler 5 years, 10 months ago

Perhaps it's time to create an active group of taxpayers to design an ordinance that places more final decisions in the hands of the voters. Yes a Smart Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights for we the people who pay the bills.

For any group of politicians to believe that voters blindly trust politicians with their tax dollars is not real and hasn't been for at least 50 years. It would not matter who the commissioners are and would certainly be no different if I were a city commissioner or if anyone else were a city commissioner.

Let’s place the voting taxpayers aka the largest group of stakeholders in Lawrence,Kansas in the position of deciding how they would like to have tax dollars spent. A Smart Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights would be appropriate.

Taxpayers want more opportunity to approve projects that involve tax dollars across the board. After all we taxpayers are the source for corporate welfare. Why shouldn't we have the opportunity to decide how reckless or how fiscally responsible our tax dollars should be expended?

Put this question on the upcoming ballot. Let's vote in a Smart Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights if local government will allow Democracy to prevail.

CLARKKENT 5 years, 10 months ago


So when it is time to vote in this town, why is a change never made???

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