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GOP colleagues: Yoder’s nude swim breaches trust

August 20, 2012


— Two of Kevin Yoder's fellow Republicans in the Kansas congressional delegation say his brief nude swim last year in the Sea of Galilee is out of line with what Kansans expect from elected officials.

Sen. Jerry Moran said Monday that what he's read and heard about the incident in Israel in August 2011 suggests something stupid happened. He said such incidents distract from important issues in politics.

And Rep. Mike Pompeo said elected officials have an obligation to act in ways that live up to the trust voters put in them.

Yoder has apologized for the incident, which occurred on a fact-finding trip to Israel with other members of Congress.

Kansas GOP Chairwoman Amanda Adkins said the brief nude swim should not overshadow Yoder's work in Congress.


Alfred_W 3 years ago

If he'd kept his breeches on, could we still trust him?

fearthephog512 3 years ago

Eww everyone could see his Galilee ...

Pastor_Bedtime 3 years ago

Between Akin's comments and skinnydipgate, what a week!

Michael Rowland 3 years ago

Let's see how often the GOP can shoot themselves in the feet this week!

Bob Forer 3 years ago

You got that right brother.

BTW, can anyone out there explain to me the difference between a legitimate rape and a illegitimate rape. Wonder if it has anything to do with whether the child involuntarily conceived ends up a bastard.

verity 3 years ago

I thought all rape was illegitimate as in illegal? But it seems now that legitimate rape is the bad kind and illegitimate rape isn't really rape and you might get pregnant? Of course, there's the man on boy rape and I think that causes pregnancy in hardly any cases. I'm confused.

extopgun 3 years ago

It should be obvious to the most casual observer that he only meant that in some cases (50%+) that it was consentaneous sex in which the lady involved changed her mind and lied. The person at fault is the ignorant not stupid doctor who related this to him. The great danger lies in the fact that he believed the doctor. If you would ahve voted for him before this story, you should vote for him now.

verity 3 years ago

Source for the 50%+ figure please.

beatrice 3 years ago

So if it had been your daughter you took along on a business trip, and you were swimming with other people and their wives while on this business trip when suddenly one of your co-workers stripped naked and jumped into the water, you wouldn't even think it worth a mention from the boss? (we are the boss of elected officials, by the way)

He represents the American people. He should have enough sense to keep his drawers on and not act like a drunken fratboy at a pool party.

flyin_squirrel 3 years ago

First off, if I am on a business trip, I don't have my spouse and daughters with me. Secondly, if I have my daughters with me, I am not going to strip down to my thong (underwear) and jump in the water at night (from the articles I have read, nobody had a swimsuit). And lastly, we were all born nude, so unless something sexual is happening, it shouldn't be a big deal to see a naked body.

beatrice 3 years ago

While I agree that it shouldn't be a big deal to see a naked body, in our society it still is. What makes you think the wives only wore thong underwear? Also, if the wives are stripping down to their thongs, maybe Yoder isn't the only one we should be criticizing.

These are our representatives -- is this really how you want to be represented?

flyin_squirrel 3 years ago

I was talking about myself wearing a thong, not the wives. Either way, nobody had swimsuits so I am sure everyone was down to some sort of undergarment in front of daughters.

Ken Lassman 3 years ago

Lighten up a bit--skinny dipping (for both sexes, by the way) is a Kansas tradition and I hope it continues to be.

Bob Forer 3 years ago

At least Bill had the discretion to do it in private.

verity 3 years ago

Good one. And he wasn't an extreme rightwinger until he decided to run for the US House.

beatrice 3 years ago

I'm typing ... but yes, I would think it poor judgment even by a democrat.

Carol Bowen 3 years ago

Skinny dipping is not the issue. Skinny dipping in a foreign country when representing the US is. He obviously was not sensitive to possible cultural issues. Totally inappropriate behavior.

extopgun 3 years ago

AMEN was to winning my vote, don't know why they moved it hee.

blindrabbit 3 years ago

While Diana Nyad swims 90 miles from Florida to Cuba looking for Fidel Castro; Kevin Yoder swims nude 10 feet into the Sea of Galilee. Several possible explanations: (1) He was testing to see if his right-wing beliefs were strong enough to allow him , like Jesus, to walk on water, (2) Since Eric Cantor, a Jewish member of congress, and leader of the group wanted to see if Yoder was Christian or perhaps a candidate for conversion to Judism, (3) Yoder wanted to see if he could float, but later realized that was not Galilee but The Dead Sea instead, much to his embassasment, (4) Since he was voted one of the most "hot" members of Congress, he wanted to impress both members of Conress as well as their wives with his physic (5) wanted to see if he could repeat the story if by catchiing a few fish he could therefore convert them into masses enough to feed them all, (6) wanted something more sensational to deflect comments about his refusal to take a blood/breath test from a suspected DUI incident last year (7) Wanted to see how much loyalty his conservative constituents in Johnson County were willing to put up including his bigoted ways, (8) Since his original baptism did not take, he wanted a re-do

nocrybabies 3 years ago

I think we will need a magnifying glass to see the evidence clearly.

tolawdjk 3 years ago

Why am I reminded of Frank the Tank streaking in the quad....

appleaday 3 years ago

(4) Since he was voted one of the most "hot" members of Congress, he wanted to impress both members of Conress as well as their wives with his physic

Who thinks he's hot? I think he looks like Eddie Munster.

Carol Bowen 3 years ago

He is younger than he looks. You're right. It's the hairdo that makes him look old.

blindrabbit 3 years ago

Breaches trust, author inteded "britches", "breeches", "boxers" or even "bloomers"

beatrice 3 years ago

I don't doubt that someone showing their teabags in public was enough to win you over.

flyin_squirrel 3 years ago

Has nothing to do with seeing his teabags and more to do with showing he isn't some uptight politician who takes everything in life serious except my tax dollars.

blindrabbit 3 years ago

appleday: Hot, not by me, picked this up on the web; , but the Eddie Munster comment has already been assigned to Paul Ryan, but agree with you, maybe we need two of em! Maybe, they were cloned, birthed out of the GOP galexy, in a place, far, far away.

nytemayr 3 years ago

String him up by his speedos!!!!!!!!!

beatrice 3 years ago

He didn't even have the good sense to wear speedos.

(Has "good sense" and "speedos" ever been used in the same sentence before?)

brutus 3 years ago

This is news? You have got to be kidding me.

beatrice 3 years ago

Really? Public nudity by a United States representative while on a business trip isn't news to you? I find that surprising.

Bob Forer 3 years ago

I really wouldn't give a damn about his drinking and skinny dipping if he didn't wear his right wing so-called "family values" persona in huge letters around his neck. His actions violated his professed values and renders him an unmitigated hypocrite. It doesn't surprise, as it seems many right -wing politicians are shameless opportunists who talk the talk to get the vote, but never walk the walk.

His duplicity, and not his actions per se, warrant condemnation.

blindrabbit 3 years ago

Nothing unusual here, as Thomas Frank related in "Whats The Matter With Kansas", Kansans will vote against all their best interests as long as their representatives pin their "God" medals on their chest. As a result we get Yoder, Jenkins, Ryun, Pompeo, Kobach, Klein, Brwnback, what the heck I could add more but don't want to destroy the keyboard.

beatrice 3 years ago

It isn't that he was skinny dipping. Of that, I truly couldn't care less. I just can't get my head around the timing. The more I think about it, the more I think -- he is an elected, professional representative of other people on a business trip with co-workers and their spouses.

Who takes their clothes off in that situation?

Simply ask yourself, would you take off your clothes in front of co-workers at a company picnic, and if one of your co-workers did, would you think it no big deal? I don't believe so.

riverdrifter 3 years ago

This jerkbait is a close ringer for Bill Hader on Saturday Night Live. I can't wait to see what SNL does with this!

Alceste 3 years ago

Alceste doesn't care much for what Yoder has done thus far and shall continue to do representing Alceste in the House. However, Yoder is the ONLY Kansas member NOT to sign Grover G . Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform TAXPAYER PROTECTION PLEDGE. That took some gumption......(or it was by design so as to fool....)......

Flap Doodle 3 years ago

Sometimes you just want to get some sunshine on your yarbles.

Bob Forer 3 years ago

Are you speaking of the liquid variety of the moonshine, or the wave/particle variety? Or was it just a very clever intended pun. Either way, I enjoyed your comment.

Ronda Miller 3 years ago

If I can't swim naked In the sea of Galilee Then I'd rather be in Kansaa For to swim so free(ly) Among mixed company Sounds like a grand time to me God gave me the body He wanted me to have So I flaunt it in the bath Though others may laugh I continue to accept Large or small pee pee Let's give the man a hand For showing us his gland Sans the suit and sober to boot

Leslie Swearingen 3 years ago

You are way beyond weird. What were you thinking when you wrote that and put it in the paper.

oldbaldguy 3 years ago

he is the one who refused to take the breath test when he was stopped on K 10 remember? this is probably a drinking problem and inhibitions. darn shame.

Terry Sexton 3 years ago

"Simply ask yourself, would you take off your clothes in front of co-workers at a company picnic, and if one of your co-workers did, would you think it no big deal? I don't believe so.' beatrice

It's a deal, but how big it is depends on the kind of company (a nod's as good as a wink to a blind owl). I worked for a sales outfit. There were some skinny dippin' lake parties. None of us were representing anything but our own self-interests, though....ok, bad example, but trust me it was different.

question4u 3 years ago

The AP has interviewed Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld who has confirmed that public nudity is a violation of the law at the Sea of Galilee and that Yoder could be charged with indecent exposure by Israeli authorities, even though it is a year later.

According to some here, there's nothing newsworthy about a US congressman getting drunk, stripping down in public while representing the United States in a foreign country and possibly facing legal action for his indiscretion. After all, drunken frat boys do it all the time.

Moran and Pompeo are not dumb enough to make excuses for the bizarre actions that even Yoder won't or can't explain. He is obviously not the only politician in history to act like an idiot, and, yes, some from all political parties have done stupider things.

However, to say that it it's no big deal and isn't newsworthy, when it is in fact in the news both nationally and internationally, is a pretty good sign that you like keeping your head in the sand. Just ignore it and it will go away. No one is really laughing at Kansas if you can't hear them.

Leslie Swearingen 3 years ago

Oh, seriously, people! I am a self avowed prude and not ashamed of that. You should respect others sensibilities and not be offensive. Some people do not want to look at a nude body no matter how natural it is. Am I the only one that is getting sick and tired of numerous references to the nether regions which I was taught should not be mentioned at all in polite society......oh, wait.

Katara 3 years ago

The drinking & the nekkediness doesn't bother me. I am more disturbed that he chose to do these things at a place that a lot of folks consider to be a holy site.

Ronda Miller 3 years ago

Frankie, God also gave us eyelids. Close your eyes, advert your gaze, pray to get past the moment. To me one body part is no different than another. I teach young children the 'proper' name for those parts all the time because their parents can't bring themselves to say the word. Good heavens.

Stuart Evans 3 years ago

Republicans are obsessed with nudity. Oh the shame of being in public with your bits hanging out. The irony being that their supreme sky genie pops us all into existence exactly in that fashion. Maybe if half of them weren't certifiable perverts and sexual deviants, they wouldn't assume every inch of flesh is a porno in the making.

Ronda Miller 3 years ago

Lmao, yes, I'm sure if we polled available research, we'd find a fairly even split between perves of both parties - it may have something to do with egos and office.

Glenn Reed 3 years ago

.... Oh, geeze....

Who cares about this? I mean, honestly, who friggin' cares...

What is Yoder's position on education, both funding and standards? What is Yoder's position of tax policy? What is Yoder's position on abortion? Gun control? Birth control? These are important things, things we should focus on rather than what one wears (or doesn't wear) while swimming.

The biggest question I've got is why this associated press blurb got the front-page spot on this website? Surely there's more important things that could have gotten that spot...

riverdrifter 3 years ago

I wondered what caused this drought.

Clark Coan 3 years ago

Reportedtly, there were several congressmen and they were all drunk and nude. Did they disrepect their faith since the Sea of Galilee is a holy site? Too bad he doesn't have any opposition in the general election.

irvan moore 3 years ago

the thing that bothers me is that bothers me is that he just proved he is not smart enough to be making the kinds of decisions that a congressman needs to make

camper 3 years ago

The lack of support must have been painful when diving into the lake I'm sure. And I'm sure the lack of support from his fellow Republicans now is painful too.

texburgh 3 years ago

"Kansas GOP Chairwoman Amanda Adkins said the brief nude swim should not overshadow Yoder's work in Congress."

I think that's the same thing Amanda Adkins said about Democrat Anthony Weiner. Oh, wait, no, he had to resign because after all he was still wearing his underwear. Kevin decided to let it all hang out in front of fellow Congressmen, their wives, and even the daughter of another.

That's not Amanda's hypocrisy. Can't you see how different the two situations are?

blindrabbit 3 years ago

Just add another name to the list of Krazy Kansas Krap: Make us all proud! Kobach Klein Koch Dorothy Jenkins Ryun Phelps Brownback Abrams Owen Pompeo Toto Kevin Yoder You're Not (are) In Kansas Anymore

Patricia Davis 3 years ago

This is our illustrious congressman who refused to take a sobriety test, used fake children and dog in his campaign photo, misused a blog site named stephenemoore to combat moore in the last election. Now we having him showing the same ruthless disregard for truth, dignity and freakin' common sense. Kansas deserves better.

OzD 3 years ago

Seriously, who DOESN'T get naked on a fact-finding trip to Israel.

camper 3 years ago

Yep, this occurred right around the same time he and his fellow Republicans were holding the global economy hostage in a game of chicken during the debt ceiling crisis. Obstructionism is hard work too. I don't blame the guy for letting loose a little.

Mike Ford 3 years ago

why haven't any of our resident trolls dare to touch this values and swimming nude in a holy sea....oh wait a minute these people don't care about disrespecting holy sites here either with trafficways....they're americans... europeans always know when the american is around.....

irvan moore 3 years ago

it's interesting that he is sorry now when it comes out, don't remember him being sorry before getting caught

guess_again 3 years ago

....this is all based on circumcisional evidence.....

verity 3 years ago

I have to hand it to Moran and Pompeo on this one---they didn't circle the wagons and protect their own while condemning any Democrat who strayed.

tir 3 years ago

At best the incident makes Yoder look silly and irresponsible. I didn't vote for him, and he sure doesn't represent me in D.C.. If this makes people who did vote for him think twice about re-electing him, I think that's a good thing.

Ronda Miller 3 years ago

People should stop holding 'it' against him.

lscc2012 3 years ago

Leslie Soden for City Commission 2012!!!

chipmunk 3 years ago

Too bad Jim Carey wasn't there to give Kevin some advice:

JayhawkFan1985 3 years ago

I'm reminded of the opening lines to the 1970s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati...

"the senator, while claiming to not be intoxicated...was unable to explain his nudity."

I never thought that could happen in real life...

riverdrifter 3 years ago

Yoder just made Lettermans's Top Ten list: "Hey, that's how we party in Kansas."

jafs 3 years ago

It's fascinating, but also disturbing, to see those who generally hold themselves up as moral and righteous supporting this sort of behavior.

Obviously, if this were a D, they'd be all over it, shouting about moral values and the decline of our society.

But, here, somehow, they're all loosey-goosey and freedom loving.

And, they don't even see the contradiction.

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