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Kansas travel group backs immigrant worker plan

April 24, 2012


— The trade group for travel and tourism businesses in Kansas has joined an effort to start a state program to place some illegal immigrants in hard-to-fill jobs.

The Travel Industry Association of Kansas says it joined a coalition pushing state legislators to create such a program because it wants to address worker shortages in some industries. The coalition includes the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and agriculture groups.

The travel association also says it wants to prevent harm to the tourism industry that might occur if legislators enact tough laws aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration.

Legislators reconvene Wednesday to wrap up business for the year, but they've so far shown little interest in tackling immigration issues. Some critics consider the business coalition's plan amnesty for illegal immigrants.


Flap Doodle 6 years ago

Will the members of this travel association make themselves responsible for the crimes committed by the illegal aliens they want to harbor?

Cant_have_it_both_ways 6 years ago

Yep. Sounds good to begin with, but quickly they will bring grandma up here, get her on welfare or social security and it will continue for the rest of the family members. If people only knew how much entitlement money we send to people who have never put anything into the system.

One answer is to cut off many of the entitlements and make people go back to work. Why in the world would anyone take a job when they can sleep till noon, smoke weed, work for cash while all the time collecting unemployment.

The answer is pretty simple.

avarom 5 years, 10 months ago

Most immigrants that are working un-documented receiving social security and never see it when they reach retirement age...for your information all their money goes into a separate bucket of social secuirty funds.....because they are un-documented in the first place, they never collect...I agree it needs to be fix, and E-Verify can do that, but most companies are not forced to use for this reason! Please keep in mind, I am only speaking to the Working un-documented worker, not the lazy ones, that want welfare for free. Welfare does not require anyone to provide legal status...for its discriminatory...and I think that is the biggest joke on the Planet! They need to find jobs for the Welfare people, so they can contribute one way or another, give them a paint brush, broom, or training...they need to work. not just hand out money.

kawrivercrow 6 years ago

Tell the NO NO NO!!

Contact the Executive Director, Marlee Carpenter at or (785) 233-9465

---------------- Here is what I just said in an email.----------------

"[Dear Ms. Carpenter and all member of TIAK:

I am one of millions of citizens of the United States who will politically destroy your organization if you think you can construct anything remotely smelling like an amnesty for illegal aliens. I was also born and raised in Kansas and have a tremendous amount of pride in my state. I take very, very strong offense over this issue on a moral level and will not sell out just to get a motel room for 2 dollars less a night.

I suggest you tell your members to pay a decent wage to fellow Americans rather than exploit cheap labor from another country. If any of your members do not have the business skills necessary to do so, they can always become a maid or dishwasher for those businesses who do have the necessary skillset. There are plenty of us who have thus far remained silent on this issue, however, those days are coming to an end. Do not naively believe we will not be able to identify those members of your organization who support this measure and boycott them out of business.

I'm not kidding.


Fossick 6 years ago

Sorry, KCC. If you want workers in hard-to-fill jobs, you're just going to have to raise wages. The market works both ways, Amigitos.

Paul R Getto 6 years ago

+1 Can you spell more expensive fruits and vegetables, boys and girls? Much of the work done is too hard for 'mericans and I doubt they would do it even for good pay and benefits. Besides, you would have to move to Florida, the Imperial Valley or Texas to get the jobs.

Fossick 6 years ago

Yes, more expensive. But there is really no difference between this plan and corporate foreign outsourcing other than that in this case, the government is actually saving companies the trouble of moving the jobs.

If we're fine with paying imported workers less because we like cheap veggies, then we really can't complain when our electronics are Made_in_China for the same reason, yes?

Paul R Getto 6 years ago

True, and I tend to agree with you, F. We are addicted to cheap stuff and the Chinese and others will continue to provide what we want as we worry about jobs going over seas.

Clark Coan 6 years ago

Well, the Bracero Program of the 1960s seemed to work well. It let workers in to pick fruit and vegetables on a temporary basis.

Paul R Getto 6 years ago

+1 Presidents Reagan and GW Bush worked well with this issue too. The modern ideologues aren't interested in the country or the economy, just keeping fear (and their phony baloney jobs) alive. Good comment QT.

Eugehne Normandin 6 years ago

Why would you have to move to Florida or Texas to do jobs in Kansas or is the Kansas travel and tourism trade board helping other states ?

Greg Cooper 6 years ago

This is total b/s.

First, the travel industry has no stake in this issue: how many people, who would be affected by this proposal, make Kansas a travel destination? None. Its only interest in this proposal is to pony up to big business, which makes use of its services.

Second, there is a glaringly obvious agenda here, simply to make the meinal jobs pay less and to keep the "guest workers" under the thumbs of big business.

If we are to make a full economic recovery, then the jobs they want to outsource to foreign nationals need to go to American workers. Otherwise the push to end illegal immigration, along with the horrendous problem of illegal voting, is all a scam perpetrated by the Republican Party to garner knee-jerk "conservative" votes from frustrated voters. The Chamber of Commerce should be involved with trying to find a way to put Americans to work rather than make it easier for big business to profit from hairbrained schemes such as this.

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