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Sunflower School principal announces resignation

April 6, 2012


Sue Hosey resigned Friday from her position as principal of Sunflower School.

Hosey had been in the position for more than three years but is leaving to explore other professional opportunities.

“I will truly miss the students at Sunflower Elementary,” Hosey said.

“Being their principal for the last three years has been a privilege, and I know I learned more from them than any knowledge they could have received from me.”

Hosey will finish the school year, with the resignation taking effect June 30.

With 24 years of experience as a principal and nine years of experience as a teacher, Hosey is uncertain what she will do next.

But she is sure she will remain in education.

“I’m not sure yet where my path will lead, but I know that being around kids is, for me, like needing oxygen,” she said.

“I will always be involved in some capacity with the education of children.”

Superintendent Rick Doll expressed gratitude for Holey’s time at Sunflower.

“We appreciate Sue’s service to Sunflower Elementary School,” he said. “She has helped the staff foster a student-focused learning environment and maximize student achievement opportunities.”

Lawrence Public Schools will soon launch a search for a new principal.


none2 5 years ago

Something here just doesn't make sense. Take these two comments:

1) "Hosey had been in the position for more than three years but is leaving to explore other professional opportunities."

2) "Hosey is uncertain what she will do next."

It sounds like they did her wrong.

Steve Jacob 5 years ago

Not sure if anything is wrong, but all does not seem right. It always seems odd leaving a good paying job when you don't have another one lined up or your not retiring.

luvku622 5 years ago

I agree. I believe she was fed up with a teacher and all the drama that unfortunately the school is known for.

patkindle 5 years ago

as you can see the citizens of lawrence demand to know every dirty detail with everyones private lives please dig up some scandal , and if their isnt any , simply make something up thats what works in lawrence

greenworld 5 years ago

If your head looks to the right or left not much there but when its becomes centered the path becomes all more clear

OutlawJHawk 5 years ago

I got the same message in a fortune cookie the other day. I was so inspired that I was gonna play the numbers on the fortune cookie in the lottery, but spent what little money I had left on an extra crab rangoon. Instead I handed the fortune cookie numbers to some guy at Caseys General Store in Ottawa. I wonder how they worked out for him? The crab rangoon sure was good!

"Remember a broken clock is still right twice a day."--Bazooka Joe bubble gum wrapper

greenworld 5 years ago

All jobs these days are jokes, ku, USD, pretty much anywhere. They let you work for 5-10 maybe even 20 years and then cut your head off and tell you they dont need you anymore and do it when you are close to retirement so they do have to pay you full pension. They all are pinching pennies to meet a budget that is tight so they must cut the 80-100k employee and re-hire a principle that will suck it up for 40-60k basically saving the difference in income per year. I blame it all on OBAMA.

greenworld 5 years ago

Yes it is serious. Do you have something to say about it or you just exercising your fingers on a keyboard??

BBalls 5 years ago

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greenworld 5 years ago

The truth hits the fan....I knew there was something more to this

luvku622 5 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

luvku622 5 years ago

Ms. Hosey helped my family with several issues. I volunteered many times at the school and I am aware of the tension in the building. I do not believe she bullied others! I watched a teacher bully other staff and I went to her about it. She was very professional about the situation. I am glad we will be going to SWMS next year as bullying has been an issue over years with a staff member. I can remember hearing about this behavior as I have volunteered every year my kids have been at Sunflower. Hope they find a strong administrator to deal with the issues they have.

not_that_crazy 5 years ago

Very surprized by the posts that were removed....people that were actual Sunflower parents with knowlege of the sitaution making comments, not just people making blind comments against the district.

Perhaps she grew tired of the acrimony or of outside mediators trying to resolve complaints, or perhaps the districts finally grew tired of it...either way. As one post stated, there has been issues there for several years.

BBalls 5 years ago

LJW should spend more time investigating the story that lead to the termination and less time deleting comments.

luvku622 5 years ago

I agree! I would like to know the real reason she resigned.

jhawkinsf 5 years ago

I, too, am troubled about the removed posts. Could the LJW please explain how they violated the terms of agreement.

jhawkinsf 5 years ago

Still waiting for an explanation as to why the above posts were removed. Frankly, I could see no violation of the terms agreement. Were they simply opinions that the LJW disagreed with? Censorship? An explanation is in order, please.

Deb Engstrom 5 years ago

I don't know what the posts said, but I'm guessing they contained accusations that could not be verified. Frankly this is a personnel matter and nobody's business. We know what she has told us and that's all we need to know. She has resigned and doesn't have definite plans.

jellybeanies 5 years ago

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