Letters to the Editor

Welcome help

April 4, 2012


To the editor:

Several weeks ago, I received  a notice about THE BIG EVENT when KU students and faculty do kind things for Lawrence residents as a thank-you to the community. I thought this was unusual, having lived in four college and university towns previously and not having noticed many expressions of gratitude on either side, community or academia.

But I hate to wash windows so I signed up, asking that they come wash my windows. This Saturday Sam, Matthew, Emily and Hadley showed up, carefully washed windows, cleaned window sills, even washed mirrors, made friends with my dogs and generally brightened my day. What a treat. And what a good idea. Thank you to them and to those who created this day.


JayCat_67 6 years, 2 months ago

I like the fact that Hashinger Hall allows kids to come in and "Trick or Treat" on Halloween, and the fact that I can go play my horn with the University Band. Both are a chance for the community and alumni to connect with the university.

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