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Southwest Middle School names new principal

April 2, 2012


Kristen Ryan

Kristen Ryan

Kristen Ryan, a learning coach for the Lawrence school district, has been named the new principal at Southwest Middle School.

Ryan, whose appointment is pending approval by the school board, will replace longtime Southwest principal Trish Bransky. Last month, Bransky announced her retirement, effective at the end of this school year. She had been principal of Southwest since the school opened in 1995 and has spent more than 40 years in education.

In a written statement, Superintendent Rick Doll said Ryan will be an asset to Southwest as the school continues its transition from a junior high to a middle school.

Ryan has spent the past four years as a learning coach in the district, mentoring teachers new to the district and profession. Before taking that job, Ryan was principal at Clay Center Community Middle School for four years. She also was an assistant principal at Leawood Middle School in the Blue Valley school district, and she taught sixth- and eighth-graders for six years in Augusta, Manhattan and Clay Center in Kansas and in Webb City, Mo.

In 2011, Southwest earned the Governor’s Achievement Award in 2011 and was named “Exemplary Middle School” by the Kansas Association of Middle School Administrations in 2010. Students’ performances in last year’s state assessments on reading, mathematics and science earned the school the Kansas Standard of Excellence.

Ryan is slated to begin her tenure as principal at the start of next school year.


Clickker 6 years, 1 month ago

Should have been Harrod over at South. He basically runs South and should be an official Principal

Take_a_letter_Maria 6 years, 1 month ago

Good to see the good old boy network didn't come into play actually, though Harrod, Fearing and Harkin all deserve a shot at their own schools.

What I want to know is if the selection committee felt a need to replace a woman with a woman. Especially since SW is the only secondary school with a woman in the top spot.

Take_a_letter_Maria 6 years, 1 month ago

I can see your point DIST, but no I wasn't being sarcastic.

I was referring to the GOBN that got Myron Melton his job at West when he couldn't even run a grade school properly. The very same one that got Randy various jobs in the district all the way up to the Superintendent job before he finally retired.

I'm not so sure this hire is as much GOBN as it is Ms. Ryan doing the get me the hell out of here play that many are doing from the district offices. Patrick Kelly is another example of that maneuver moving to a VP spot at FSHS. We've definitely got a problem at the district level when people are willing to make lateral moves within district and take steps down out of district just to get away.

lawrencian 6 years, 1 month ago

Christine, at the end of your article, you've got a duplication in one sentence:

In 2011, Southwest earned the Governor’s Achievement Award in 2011 and [...]

Christine Anderson 6 years, 1 month ago

I do not know anything about the person selected. I do wonder why the position was not given to Mr. Fearing; excellent and patient under extreme circumstances.

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