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Jobs no savior

September 8, 2011


To the editor:

Political cartoonist Mike Luckovich (Journal-World, Aug. 31) missed the mark when he wrote, “For America to prosper, we must create more Jobs” and the character offers a “cloning contract” to former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. While Jobs has done well for himself and his stockholders, he can hardly be called on to create a prosperous America. Apple employs some 50,000 people in the United States, and that’s great, but a million or more work in its “supply chain” in other countries. In fact, Apple subcontracts its manufacturing needs to outfits such as Taiwanese-based Foxconn whose workers in its China plants are housed in crude dormitories, treated ruthlessly and toil in unsafe workplaces for 15 hours a day for about $50 a month. Conditions are so bad that nearly a dozen workers have killed themselves by jumping off company buildings. 

One result of this form of labor “utilization” is that many of the largest transnational corporations (these are not really “American” companies) like Apple are sitting on a mountain of cash, an estimated $2 trillion that they refuse to invest in the U.S. because, clearly, they can make a lot more money elsewhere. Meanwhile, over the course of the last decade we have lost one-third of our manufacturing jobs, 14 million are now unemployed, and consumers have put themselves into crushing personal debt, in part, by buying every iWidget Jobs can dream up. The current circumstances are untenable and we will not be saved by the likes of Steve Jobs. 


cato_the_elder 6 years, 7 months ago

My, my - such conduct from a company that has notoriously backed liberal causes since its inception. Al Gore is a member of its board of directors.

How can committed political liberals engage in such politically incorrect conduct? Can anyone say, "George Soros?"

Scott Drummond 6 years, 7 months ago

Or perhaps your point simply reveals the basic immorality of the capitalists class who will back whoever and whatever enriches themselves best. And also, by the way, reveals the folly of tipping the economic scales in their favor and hoping a few crumbs fall our way.

devobrun 6 years, 7 months ago

Nice comments. Political ideology (repubs vs dems and capitalism vs the bolsheviks) has been the savior of humans repeatedly in our history....oh wait, political ideology is just hot air.

Trust in the republicans? Rely on the teachings of Lenin, Castro?
How 'bout morality being defined as telling the truth? Being honest. Nah, nevermind. Better that we lie to ourselves and others and then blame them for our troubles. Keep those lies coming, but hide them behind "political morality" comments, whatever that is.

Yes, we can be lying thieves, but we believe in the collective and hate capitalism....so we are good. Yes, we can rob people blind, but we give them freedom.

Sorry folks, grand solutions never work. Grand narratives are trite. We get what we deserve because we live in a reality that is covered up by games, ideologies, social networks, movies, media, and endless connections to the outside world. And we ignore our own responsibilities as humans to be free, honest, and good.

labmonkey 6 years, 7 months ago

Or Americans can buy American. It is our own damn fault by buying the cheapest goods without looking at where it was made. We blame the government, big business, Democrats, and Republicans, but we have created this financial mess ourselves (the housing bubble was people getting credit for stuff they couldn't afford, and the jobs mess is people not having pride in their country and buying American). Whenever companies start outsourcing, we need to stop buying from them.

Phone_Man 6 years, 7 months ago

Monkey, Many will tell you everything is made in other countries; I don't agree. I drive American Cars, Fords to be exact. Many contributors to this news paper will bash me and tell me most of the parts are made in Mexico or Canada. They Drive Toyotas made in Tennessee. I don't care where the toyota is made the MAJORITY of the profits go back to the home land. Unfortunately the outsourcing craze has hit the white collar jobs as well. It's not just as simple as saying stop buying from companies who outsource. In order to get jobs back in america we need to kick out every one of the scum bag politicians who allowed our jobs to go over seas. We need to stop letting people who are not from the US contribute to funding presidential races. We need to take back our country.

funkdog1 6 years, 7 months ago

I refuse to buy an American car. They last four years before you have to start sinking money into them for major repairs. Japanese cars will run 10 years before they need even a simple repair. Americans have had years to improve their cars and they just don't. The last American car we owned caught fire and burned up in front of our house. Never again. I refuse to spend thousands of dollars on an inferior product.

Phone_Man 6 years, 7 months ago

Been Driving them for 20+ years now; never had any issues. In fact I sold a Taurus with 250K on it and never had it in a shop except oil changes.

labmonkey 6 years, 7 months ago

I think you are full of crap. Dad has an S-10 that has 240K miles and going strong, I got rid of a Lumina at 180K miles that still had much life left... I just wanted something newer. Most "Japanese" cars are made in the US anyway/

labmonkey 6 years, 7 months ago

If you have a Fusion or Fiesta, your car is made in Mexico. I would rather have a Camry that is 80% American made parts and nearly 100% American made labor than a Ford made in Mexico. Personally, the next time I buy a brand new vehicle, I will make sure it comes from either Fairfax or Claycomo so I help local Union brothers.

Again, you are blaming others. Until Americans buy American and show that demand is for cheap Chinese crap, then there will be no manufacturing jobs created. Too many people do not want to look at their own actions in helping to send jobs overseas.

jhawkinsf 6 years, 7 months ago

No one likes an attorney who defends a despicable client, yet we know that everyone deserves representation. We might not even like a priest who hears the confession of someone who has done something horrible, yet cannot turn the bastard in. Publicly traded companies have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize profits for their shareholders. After all, it's these shareholders who invest their money in the good faith belief that the company will look out for "their" best interests. It's their retirement money, their kids' college fund, their nest egg. Companies must look out for them, or no one would invest in them. So the company off shores it's labor, it's production, to maximize it's profits.
If you want companies to behave differently, we can change the laws. However, it's unlikely people would invest with the same enthusiasm. Our leadership role in the world would evaporate. It's no surprise that innovation and profit go hand in hand.

jayhawxrok 6 years, 7 months ago

I agree with the author. More jobs will be created by small to medium sized companies than the biggies.

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