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Gov. Sam Brownback to host forum on literacy

November 29, 2011


Gov. Sam Brownback will host a forum next week on literacy.

The forum starts at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 7, at Emporia State University’s Memorial Union — Webb Hall.

Brownback has said one of his priorities is to increase the percentage of fourth-graders who are reading at grade level.

Speaking at the event will be Don Deshler, director of the Kansas University Center for Research on Learning; Bill Blokker, president of Literacy First; Cara Schrack, education specialist for Save the Children; Malbert Smith, president of MetaMetrics; and Barry Downing, founder of the Opportunity Project.

Space is limited at the event, so those wishing to attend can register at


DillonBarnes 6 years ago

Why would you waste time on this?

Obviously the answer is to pray for literacy.

ignatius_j_reilly 6 years ago

If our children can read, they can read news articles about Brownback's stance on tax breaks for big business (Boeing) and yet his opposing stance that business is best in a free market without government intervention. Or that Brownback wants to cut funding for public education, but not higher education.

If our children can read, they'd wonder how the hell their illiterate parents voted this guy in.

theoljhawk 6 years ago

Whoa! I knew that the Larrytown faithful could find something critical to say about addressing illiteracy! Thanks for not letting me down!

zzgoeb 6 years ago

What can you expect? The governor talks in riddles, changes his mind and story almost daily, and lacks any serious credibility...the truth hurts.

somedude20 6 years ago

This is all smoke and mirrors. The Republicans don't want people to be smart or think for themselves because if they did, they would not be voting Rebublican.

In fact there is a documentary about what would happen if Republicans took charge of the country for a long period of time and it is called Idiocracy

Kirk Larson 6 years ago

"Brownback has said one of his priorities is to increase the percentage of fourth-graders who are reading at grade level."

I hope he can keep up. Oops, should I apologize for that?

tolawdjk 6 years ago

Good for Brownback. We need more educating of the 5 Rs...readin', ritin', rithmetic, rhetoric, and republicanin.

Ewok79 6 years ago

Making sure they get on daily tell him that he's F.orgeting U.likely C.auses K.ansas Y.outh O.ppose U. Brownback!!!!

blindrabbit 6 years ago

Sam's role in the literacy forum is to serve as the foil to the intelligent attendees. He will serve as a contrast between the literates and his grounding in C-Street dogma.

Jaminrawk 6 years ago

How can you increase literacy and drastically cut educational funding? That's like saying he wants to create more jobs for Kansans only to give some of the best governmental jobs to out-of-staters ..... oh wait.

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